BRAND NEW - Front to Rear Footwell Conversion Kit – Plug & Play

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that time of the year!
creative way to use front/rear footwell kit:
Merry Christmas

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GolfMK6 Official Vendor

These are new technology with amazing features you cannot find anywhere:
-NO FANS (passive cooling - never drops lumens)
-NO wires to install. This includes a special adapter just like your OEM car
-This adapter allows for a 9 and 3 alignment of the diodes which create a great OEM-LIKE beam pattern
-NO BALLASTS or Resistors - truly error free
-This has instant-ON so no waiting for warm-up
-9/3 offset which is important in your headlight.

Now you can have the sleek look of LEDs
Quick light up time LEDs provide
More visibility

This model was fully tested by many forum members prior to its full launch with great feedback!

Great cut-off - mimics OEM - creates much more light down the road:

Simply remove your halogen bulb/adapter and install this model! It is really that simple.

Do not be fooled by LEDs that look "similar" - these other models DO NOT align correctly and have been an issue for many.

If you have any questions please email

This is really a NEW type of bulb.

----Real customer feedback from people that have used the product-----
ALL HAVE SHIPPED & the feedback is in! We want to share just a few replies we received and extend our sale for everyone!

Don't miss it at this price:

"I tried many bulbs that needed wiring and adapters and coding and resistors and taps and endless everything. At the end my engine bay looked like the wiring on Johnny 5. The deAutoLED is a simple bulb that replaces a bulb and nothing else. It might not sound like a big deal but it looks neat as it is just a bulb. I want to apologize as I emailed them 5x asking the same question before I was convinced that this was really only a bulb with no wiring :)"

"the low beams shoot a real nice wide line just like you guys said they would. Not too high either. An amazing amount of light. Very impressed!"

"engineering PERFECTION on these new leds. These make me smile. I can make fun of all my "old-tech xenon friends" now"

"I figured I would give it a shot with the sale not hoping for the best but I could have not wished for better."

"I removed my 'super bright' 'night breaker' 'destroyer of the dark' 'catchy name' halogen bulbs that I thought were bright to install these LEDs and there is no comparison. If you think your fancy halogens are good these are 100000x better"

"How did I drive without these?"

"So I just bought the drop in H7 led low beams for me 2017 VW GTI, and love them! I have been hesitating to buy any LED bulbs because of external ballasts and poor beam pattern, but man these were so easy to install without any wires or ballast and perform amazingly!"

"Believe the hype of these LEDS. I tried every model and nothing comes close. These simply are the best easy drop in bulbs that work and have a great beam angle."

"These are IDENTICAL to another model I had but the other model didn't sit right. These sit perfectly and create a much better light pattern on the road. I cannot be happier. Oh and they were less money than the other ones. win-win"