**BRAND NEW**DKM Stage 2 MB Clutch Kit**FACTORY SEALED $700


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I have a brand new, never used, DKM Stage 2 MB clutch kit for the MK7/7.5 GTI/R. I have only opened the box to provide pics for you guys. Everything is in it’s original packaging, sealed and ready to ship. All hardware, manuals, stickers, and kit contents are inside. Includes flywheel, friction disk, pressure plate, slave cylinder/TOB, alignment tool, bolts, and thread locker.

To be completely transparent with you, the reason why I have this kit in my possession is because I was running a DKM Stage 2 MB clutch kit on my IS38 MK7 GTI, and my slave cylinder/TOB failed, so I contacted DKM through Competition Clutch (who handles all of DKM warranties), and they determined it was a failure and they sent me a new kit, free of charge.

While my old DKM Stage 2 MB was being processed, I decided to buy a SB Stage 3 Endurance kit due to its higher holding capacity. I wasn’t too thrilled about its price, but I wanted to try SB out.

This new DKM Stage 2 MB kit just arrived at my house this morning, and I’m selling it as I don’t need it. I have ran two DKM Stage 2 MB kits on my MK7 GTI, both with an IS38 turbo and custom tune. My first MB kit lasted me over 50k miles, until it started slipping, which is pretty good mileage for the price of this kit.

My price of $700 is pretty firm, considering this kit sells for over $800 brand new, and a lot of companies don’t have these in stock right now. So shipping times vary and could be weeks to months out. I am up to reasonable offers though, so shoot me a PM and we can see if we can work something out.

At a rating of 440 ft/lbs to the wheels, this is a great clutch kit for anyone running Stage 2 IS20 power, or even IS38 with custom tuning. Grab is excellent, and I’ve had a great experience running this kit with my custom tuned IS38 MK7 GTI for the last few years. Also, Competition Clutch was very easy to work with, and they had great communication.

This kit also comes with the all-metal slave/TOB version. No plastic here!

Kit part #: MB-034-060

$700 + buyer pays shipping

FYI, it cost me $38 to ship my old clutch to Competition Clutch through UPS, so shipping costs are not as extreme as people think. If you’re concerned about shipping costs, maybe we can work out a flat shipping rate if the price you offer is right 🙂. Either way, with my selling price and shipping costs, this will be cheaper than anywhere else online, AND you’ll receive your new clutch kit faster from me compared to online companies.

Thanks for looking.