Brake Pad Options?


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I've been running EBC Yellow Stuff, which perform awesome but I've decided are just too noisy for my daily driver. I was going to go with Red Stuff but thought I'd see if you guys prefer something else first. I'm looking for a quiet pad with better performance over OEM.


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Guess I should have mentioned that. Standard GTI brakes.


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I am in for more info on this as well. I am ready to pull the trigger on pads and rotors. EBC looks like a good option, but most hardcore guys say to avoid them. For standard brakes with just street driving, mountain roads, and an autocross. What are people liking?
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Jake, you should have done a little research. ;) I posted
this quite recently in december:

for "fast road" and autocross applications
with a non-PP GTI I'd recommend these:

Ferodo DS2500
Ferodo DS Performance
Carbopad GT

These are available for the non-PP front calipers. I haven't done
any research if Pagid S, CL RC5+ or other reputable products
are available for these calipers. Availability may/will vary highly
depending on where you live.
Remember the mentioned pads are not suitable for tougher kind
of track use.

Some more worth reading:

That being said, EBC Yellows aren't that bad at all. I'd even
they're the most reasonable pads EBC offer. If you're looking
for a more quiet pad you should opt for something less track
oriented. Ferodo DS Performance is the most popular of that
kind in Europe. EBC red are known for eating rotors, while DS
2500 are likely to be as noisy as Yellows. Endless MX-72 may
beat all of them, they are about 400 $ a set though.



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Thanks for the links and the thoughts Breaking Badly! I did read some of those threads but not all of them. It's interesting that one thread was talking about EBC Green Stuff since the Red Stuffs are suggested for cars with more than 200 bhp. I'd like to keep most of the performance of the yellows without any of the squeaking so I'm leaning towards the Reds. If they eat through my rotors then maybe it will be time to get slotted rotors :)
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Why no Ferodos or Performance Friction? :confused:

On a side note, I still wonder why Performance Friction, which is a US-based company,
aren't more popular in NA, while they're extremely popular in Europe. You may have seen
what Maody said about PFC pads (he ran several of them both daily and on the N'ring).


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Ferodos appear to be a Europe only thing. It seems to be an everlasting hunt for very good pads for the non-pp cars. I always hear good things about Hawk, but unlike what ECS has on their site, Hawk's site only lists pads for the PP GTI's.

I'd really like to hear what other good options there are for non-PP brakes. It seems Breaking Badly suggests Performance Friction but I've never heard of it before, so I don't know what to expect from them.
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I quite frequently notice things are different on both sides of the pond.
What's easily available in Europe is unobtainium in NA and vice versa. ;)
That being said I really think Performance Friction (PFC) is worth a look.

Hope you find pads for the Volkswagen Golf TSI/GTI calipers. To my very
best knowledge at least they're the same, no matter if the rotor size is
288 or 312 mm.

However, before going for a 'hotter' compound pad I'd seriously consider
putting PP/R brakes on. You'd get both bite and stableness without any
loss of refinement and comfort.
And hey, when you're tracking please don't miss improving your brakes'
ventilation. It's one of the cheapest measures for enhancing thermal
performance you can do, while again there's no loss of comfort at all. ;)
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I had EBC Red stuff pads on my old Impreza WRX. They weren't any good for road use, as they took to long to warm up. From cold they were poor, and to get heat in them I had to drive too aggressively...

I changed to DS2500s and they were great, but they are pricier..