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No aftermarket tuning required. Will work on stock tune or aftermarket tunes.

This high performance adapter mounts between the OEM bypass valve/solenoid and the turbo housing, causing the unused charge air to vent to atmosphere (VTA) giving off the well known, but distinct sound all turbo owners know and love! The adapter bolts right in with the included longer bolts, no other modifications or tuning are required.

Installation is simple (car does not need to be raised) and all mounting hardware is included.

Precision CNC machined out of high quality aircraft grade billet aluminum.

Available in your choice of color: Onyx Black, Royal Blue, Race Red, or Pure Aluminum

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Sound clip:

Installation video:

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Does this work on a TSi 1.8t? My Tsi is a bit too tame sounding. Miss some of the sound from my old turbo cars :D.

Boomba Racing

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Wood Dale
Are you guys located in wood dale il?

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Yes we are located in Wood Dale, Illinois! Not far from O'Hare Airport.

Is this just for noise, or does it actually function like an upgraded bov/dv? Will it hold boost better than the stock valve?

Build thread:

Noise only

Performance isn't changed from the installation of this part. This is more for the sound aspect of things. You do protect your engine a little bit from blow-by though because the oily air that was being recirculated into your intake before, is now being vented out into the atmosphere. We currently have a full BOV replacement going through testing which replaces the stock valve.