BEC Autoparts - 2018+ Golf\GTI HID\LED Replica Headlights for Sale!


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Jan 18th Update

We updated our website so you can preorder a set of headlights, tail lights, etc. As a new item, we do have OEM Mk7.5 R style LED Tail lights, with updated adapter harnesses. Easy quick connects, rather than messing with pins.

We expect parts to arrive around 2nd-3rd week of Feb.

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April 19th Update

Sorry to say this, but we will be shutting down at the end of the month or until stock is gone. There are a lot of factors affecting the business which is making it much more challenging to continue. All existing orders will be fulfilled, and warranties will stay apply.

We have a sale on remaining Hylux HID kits and LED bulb kits, so great time to get a spare kit if you need one, just visit:

You can check with BMP Tuning for parts, as they may carry some of our parts.


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Ed, I ordered my headlights from you and just want to say the support and service were nothing short of amazing. My personal experience and seeing interactions between you and other members of the forum, I get the impression you did everything you could to treat folks right, and ran a very upstanding and honest business. Wishing you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and I'm sure all of us hope to see your return in the future. Best wishes in your endeavors!