B16 coilover/top hat install


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I own a 2017 GTI with only 12k miles on it. I am getting ready to install a set of front and rear Bilstein B16 Coilovers but I would like some suggestions on either replacing the front and rear top hats . I am not sure if my stock top hats will create any clunking or squeaking noises after the coilover install so that is why I’m considering swapping them out. I would like to avoid taking out the coilovers in the future. Any advice? I was looking at 034 top hats but any recommendations are appreciated.


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I went OEM bearings and Sachs mounts (from Rockauto) for the fronts when I installed Bilstein B8's. It was cheap piece of mind even though I only had about 16K KM's on the car. But I did pay special attention to torque the strut nut down to the official specs with a torque wrench, not gunning it on with a impact.