Audi TT OEM Short Shifter and 42 Draft Design Bushes fitted to Golf MK7 GTD 6MT MQ350


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Fitted the VW Audi OEM TT short shift gear lever (Audi:8J0 711 046E / 51E front to back) to my Golf MK7 GTD MQ350 gearbox (I
believe this will also fit the MK7 GTI) together with the 42 Draft Design bushes for the plastic gear shift cable bracket (VW: 5Q0 711 789A),
both cable ends, and the side to side bracket (VW: 5Q0 711 202B / 203B). End result is a reduced front to back throw by around 20% and solid feel gear change. No softness as all rubber bushes are replaced with alloy metal.

Here's the link to the DIY guide on the forum where there are pictures too

Some would have noted two parts number on each part above and in the pictures. I believe they represent 1.the kit part and 2.the main
part. So in the case of 8J0 711 046E - this is a kit with cable end, metal clip, and the short shift-lever 8J0 711 051E.

In terms of the short-shift gear change lever (front to back). It reduces front to back movement by around 20%. VW OEM part is 5Q0 711
046K / * 051J this is directly replaced with Audi OEM part 8J0 711 046E. This costs around £39 from Audi dealer. You'll note Forge, CTS, and
others cost several times this up to around £150-200 for Diesel Geeks all alloy Sigma 6 that does both front to back and side to side. You can also fit the Forge side to side shifter if required.

The 42 Draft Design bushes replace all the VW OEM rubber bushing mounts with solid alloy machined bushes. Part Numbers required are 42
-444 and 42-455-015 (6SPD MDL YR 10-14).
Bushes are replaced on:
1. Plastic Gear Cable bracket (5Q0 711 789A) - three bushes. Kit part #42-444. You could change this part for a VW Audi metal equivalent
from the TT too but I felt the metal bushes would be enough to remove any play and give a solid gear-change result;
2. Front to back cable end - replace square plastic/rubber bush insert with alloy metal bush from kit part# 42-455-015 (6SP MDL YR10-14):
3. Side to side cable end - replace round plastic/rubber bush insert with alloy metal bush from kit part# 42-455-015 (6SP MDL YR10-14). The
OEM plastic sleeve needs the small end notch removing (file/cut with knife) , drilled and metal shaft (bolt) inserted;
4. Centre pivot bush on side to side gear lever change replaced with new end bush, drilled and metal shaft (bolt) inserted;

Great end result using the VW Audi parts bin....I was unsure of the overall result of the 42 DD bushes on a relatively new car with new bushes. My wife's TT Roadster TDI had the OEM short shift from new but it's with OEM rubber bushes. Suffice to say that I can now say the two cars are worlds apart, the 42 DD bushes change the gear-change completely to a solid more positive gear change and combined with the short-shift it's a great combination!


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I did this mod on my old R32.
One of the best things for feel. The Draft Design bushes make the world of difference.
If I wasn't DSG, I'd be doing the same.


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:)Great stuff thanks for sharing.