APR Turbo Muffler Delete


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I'm a noobie when it comes to turbo'd cars and not fully understanding what this APR Turbo Muffler delete does or what benefits it has, and does it change the exhaust note. Can anyone explain what a turbo muffler is and what this mod does exactly?

Sorry for such a dumb question.


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$140 is it worth it

I have it. It's more or less a reactive piece that'll allow your boost to come on a little bit quicker than stock. Can I hear the intake noise difference now that I also have the APR CAI? I doubt it. Maybe a little bit - I had both done at the same time.
If you're worried that it's too loud - don't be. Only a WELL trained ear will be able to pick anything up. If you have an exhaust on your car, you won't hear a thing.
Throttle response is really nice though.

Was it worth it for me? Yes. I won't tune my car because I will more than likely keep it a long time and don't want to jeopardize reliability, so any little thing to help with performance I'll take.