APR DTR6054 Direct Turbocharger Replacement System


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The APR DTR6054 is a direct turbocharger replacement for the EA888 Gen 3 Engine. This upgrade includes matching software for various vehicles and mods, and provides up to 491 HP and 425 FT-LBS of torque, depending on vehicle platform and fueling, all while keeping emissions components unmodified. The software supports premium pump fuel grades, race fuel grades, and even Ethanol on the Golf R, S3 and TT S platform with fueling upgrades! For dedicated race cars the turbocharger is designed with plenty of headroom to go even further on your own!

Features and Benefits
  • New DTR6054 direct turbocharger replacement designed by APR
  • Direct bolt-on to MQB platform EA888 gen 3 engines
  • Included software included produces up to 491 HP depending on platform and configuration
  • APR Low Pressure Fuel Pump Included (T4100003-A & T4100003-B)
  • APR High Pressure Fuel Pump Included (T4100003-A & T4100003-B)
  • APR Multi Port Injection Included (T4100003-B)
  • Plenty of turbocharger headroom for even more power in “race only” configurations
  • Over 30% compressor flow compared to the factory Golf R, S3, and TT S IS38 turbocharger
  • Included software remains emissions compliant and uses your factory exhaust
  • Included software designed for use on a factory engine (See notes on product page)
  • Included software tested at various road courses
  • Various software levels depending on fueling modifications, including stock fueling
  • Supports 91, 93, 100, and 104 AKI in all configurations
  • Supports E60-E85 with fueling upgrades (Golf R/S3/TT S platform only)
  • German dual ceramic ball bearing center section
  • Vibration sort rig (VSR) balanced turbocharger center housing rotating assembly (CHRA)
  • Excellent transient response
  • Aircraft-grade billet 6061 aluminum 60mm compressor wheel
  • Anti-surge compressor cover
  • Oversized cast turbo inlet pipe
  • Machined turbocharger speed sensor port with included billet block off plug
  • Perfectly matched compressor cover area over radius (A/R)
  • Silicone discharge hose with APR EZ-flow stepped lips included (No turbo muffler)
  • Integrated diverter valve (DV) port
  • Nickle-based superalloy K418 high-flow 54mm turbine wheel
  • High temperature 310 stainless steel turbine housing
  • Perfectly matched turbine A/R
  • All necessary hardware, gaskets, and clamps included
  • Connects to your factory components and reuses factory wastegate and DV
  • Incredible value with support and directions included

This is a brand new turbo designed and developed by APR from the ground up. It does not require a core, and there's no additional downtime associated with other upgrade styles. The turbo bolts to the factory location and connects to factory or upgraded components.

Since this turbo was designed from the ground up, and doesn't use any of the factory or factory cloned housings or internals, we had complete control over the design. We've upgraded the CHRA to feature German dual ceramic ball-bearings for smooth and reliable operation with better transient response. This also does away with the failure-prone journal bearing design on the factory turbochargers. Next the compressor cover was upgraded with an appropriate A/R matched to our larger billet aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum 60mm compressor wheel. We've also included a large turbo inlet pipe that perfectly matches the turbo's anti-surge compressor cover and connects directly to your factory or upgraded intake system. We've completely done away with the turbo muffler assembly providing the turbo with a larger outlet and smoother transition. The compressor cover even includes a port for a turbocharger shaft speed sensor should one suit your build.

The turbine side of the turbocharger also benefits from our ground-up design. The turbine housing is cast with 310 stainless steel that's designed to take the heat an abuse seen on a road course. The turbine A/R is perfectly matched to our new nickel-based superalloy K418 54mm turbine wheel. The system will see low exhaust gas temperature, low exhaust back pressure, low turbo discharge temperature, and low shaft speeds because the system has been properly designed from the ground up for the prescribed power levels. Of course, each rotating group is VSR balanced for reliable operation. This all lends well for customers who plan to use this turbo on a dedicated race car as it has the headroom necessary to push the system further on their own.

Each kit includes the complete turbocharger with compressor inlet pipe, compressor outlet hose, t-bolt clamps, gaskets, o-rings, exhaust ring, exhaust v-band, exhaust manifold gasket, new studs, bolts, and washers, all new oil and coolant line o-rings, and our ECU Upgrades for select vehicles. The upgrade uses your factory electronic wastegate and diverter valve, and connects to your factory exhaust, intake, turbo outlet pipe, and oil and coolant lines. This system has seen many road course track days and extensive testing to ensure longevity and reliability of the setup in the harshest of conditions. This setup does not spike torque hard or run on the edge of what the factory rods and pistons have been known to handle, making it as safe on the stock engine as we can for these power levels. Go APR!

Software Versions

Specific software is required to use this system. Software is included for various vehicles. Software compatibility must be checked before purchase. Software is available in three formats:

  • For use with stock fueling (T4100003)
  • For use with an APR HPFP and APR LPFP (T4100003-A) (Golf R/S3/TT S Platform Only)
  • For use with an APR HPFP, APR LPFP, and APR MPI Injectors (T4100003-B) (Golf R/S3/TT S Platform Only)

Software can only be installed by an Authorized APR dealer.


Product Page


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Regardless of what anybody might say about price, performance, reliability, etc (and I'm sure the arguments will come)... The way you have the dyno charts laid out on your product page is a absolutely fantastic. That should be the gold standard for how it should be done.


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Good price for that kit with the HPFP. Good job APR.

If you don't want to read 240 pages:

Cliff Notes, big turbo with stock DP spools slower, APR's tunes are never very aggressive (compounding slower spool), don't use this turbo unless you have no other option due to emissions. Thank you for coming to my TED talk?

Stage 1 vs. DTR Dragy comparison:

DTR uphill vs. downhill Dragy:

Truth be told I kind of like the lag; feels like more of a true turbo experience. If i'm already in the mid range RPMs before I go to the floor (as you should be) then there really isn't much lag. Its just when crawling in 1st or 2nd gear
There's one up on Dragy. Certainly a capable turbo, just doesn't spool all that fast.
the percieved lag isn't THAT bad, but it is no is38 thats for sure.

the worst of it is when i need to, say, cut across a busy intersection. if i don't launch the car i become scared i'm not gonna make it across lol
I can’t speak to your R with fueling upgrades. On my GTI it’s a hair faster than my stage 1 on the low end and gets reckless on the high end.
Look at any of the decent logs's just quite laggy, end of story. Laggier than I'd like anyways, especially for a turbo / tune limited to stock fueling system.
I guess I'll have to grab some logs. What do you want to see, 3rd gear pull, 2500 to red line? Despite what has been said I find this setup completely fine day to day. I have Acadia18's dragy for a little bit before I ship it back to him. I have only done 1 0-60mph run so far. On my way back from the gym early in the morning (before 6am) so it was like 60° out. I figured I would give it a go on a stretch of road near my house. This is the second launch I have ever done in this car since stock. I spun off the launch pretty good. I pulled off from basically the shoulder, so between worn out all seasons and all the sand and crap on the side of the road it wasn't a great start. If I remember it was a 3.7 something, but invalid due to slope. I figure in better conditions and a valid run, maybe a 3.5x to 3.7ish. This is the base kit, no additional fueling on a Audi S3 DQ381 7 speed dsg with a curb weight of nearly 3500lbs. I'm into this for as little as possible, I literally have just the turbo and tune, nothing else, no supporting mods aside from a dry flow filter. I installed it myself on a weekend, got flashed on a Monday, been completely fine for the last 2K miles or so. It does what I was looking for in a daily driven car that i go to work and back in plus maybe some short trips here and there, probably 400+ miles a week, still averaging 29ish mpg. I had a aftermarket downpipe and stage 2 tune prior. If you're looking for ultimate power or a 1/4 mile monster this definitely isn't that. It's stage 2 with a little spice sprinkled on top. People can quote all the dyno charts and logs they want, but I'm telling you all this from someone who has this kit installed in their car. If none of it sounds appealing to you, don't buy it. Believe it or not there is this whole world outside of and the 6 people with this kit on here. Are there better performance options out there? Absolutely. Is this option for everyone? No, it depends what you're trying to achieve and your level of expectations. Will some buyer's be disappointed? I guarantee it. Do I find asking questions and answering them myself pedantic and stupid? Yes, yes I do
The big elephant in the room when it comes to this DTR turbo, it's got laaaag. While we can talk all day how we can or can not trust dyno numbers, dynos do a great job of showing the shape of an engine's power output while also showing the behavior of a specific turbo. APR claims from their website it makes peak torque around 4k rpm:

View attachment 256813

Dyno graphs for the DTR are very elusive, but I've caught a few:

View attachment 256814
View attachment 256815

Seriously, why are these so hard to find...

So far we can say with decent confidence the DTR does not make full boost until about 4400rpm from the evidence. Even with the stock DP I fail to see how it is acceptable that this custom designed dual BB turbo, built from the ground up in the crystal labs of APR, still manages to spool 600rpms slower than a Vortex XL. 400rpms slower than advertised. Am I off the rocker here? Just look at the advert for this turbo, it sounds and looks like a slam dunk. This turbo lag would hit manual drivers the hardest as they wait for this literal snail to re-spool between shifts. For this reason they should probably place "For DSGs only" on the DTR page. :sneaky:

This kit would make a lot more sense with a much faster spooling IS38+ marketed to GTI owners as a stage 3 one stop shop solution, as this kit is already a hard sell for R owners anyways.

But the question it possible APR could have built a turbo which delivers similar numbers as advertised, on the stock DP, and without all the lag?

EQT Proved to us, yes.....yes they could:

View attachment 256816
I rest my case.
Someone just posted another DTR dyno video for a 2021 MK7.5 GTI, APR tune - 411whp/393wtq:

Definitely seems to be a disconnect between the peak dyno figures and real world performance with this kit. Not that the performance is poor by any means, just that the power figures seem to demand more.
TLDR. Daks is faster.
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A premium GESI catted downpipe alone is close to a grand. For those of us in emissions states, keeping your factory downpipe is a game changer for this kind of power without ethanol.
This is my exact reason this is mouthwatering. I said I would stay with stg1 because it was plenty of powa and I didn't have to mess with emissions for NJ. Last car that was a PITA to deal with. This sounds like the answer to going beyond stg1 without changing the dp...

I'm happy with my Stage 1 tune.
I'm happy with my Stage 1 tune.
I'm happy with my Stage 1 tune.
I'm happy with my Stage 1 tune.
I'm happy with my Stage 1 tune.

I'm trying to keep looping this in my head but I'm going to break eventually....

APR...why you got to do this to me. lol

mr wrong

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Any further benefits for those of us who already have a downpipe?


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Pretty unbeatable. That's what, half the cost of a Cobb with a Stage 2 tune.

Dude, that's really it, as long as you're fine with th APR ecosystem. $1,500 for the bolt on turbo and tune is a hella deal. Even if someone already has an Accessport, it's almost $1,500 for an FCP IS38 and IS38 OTS tune from EQT/Sneeky. Same $1,500 could get this and recoup a third of the cost selling the AP... It looks to be similar power levels to the Garrett PowerMax, which your be looking at over $1,800 with a custom tune even if you already have the AP...