APR Downpipe and Stage 2


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Same thing for sound and ears. Just because you think it's a tiny bit of drone, doesn't mean it is that way for someone else.

Interesting idea. Looking forward to updates.
Of course but I think others reading this post may think there's crazy drone here. Honestly it gives just that little edge the mk7 was lacking. In stock form it's ridiculously quiet once you turn off the soundaktor. This dp has minimal drone above 80mph. Not even enough to disturb your favorite tunes really. We aren't talking fart can exhaust drone here?. I also noticed with a few hundred miles the sound calmed down quite a bit overall as well.


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I agree it is very minimal but the older I get the pickier I get. Also, I am used to V8s that have seemed easier to remove drone, the 4 cyl is much harder to eliminate IMO.

I want someone in the aftermarket to come up with something with helmholtz resonance chambers. In the mean time I likely will weld in something like this:
You're going to attach a trombone to your car?

Sorry[emoji1] couldn't resist, first thing I thought of. You know way more than I do on this topic.

I empathize with your noise picky-ness though. Previously had an n52 bmw 3er. The stock exhaust sounded brilliant at wot, but folks on my forum were always changing them out doing things car folks do.

Maybe hitch a ride with someone with a minimal drone setup?

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