APR Boost Gauge Issue


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Using an APR boost gauge with a direct APR boost tap.

Recently the gauge has been acting up and starting at ~13psi at idle. Obviously this is incorrect as it should be ~-21mmHg.

It will act really weird (fluttering up and down) until finally settling down after a couple minutes. Once it settles down it seems to respond properly but it will read ~10 psi boost under no throttle and shoot up when throttle is given (like normal, just seems to be with scaled up values). This has happened about 5-6 times now. When I stop, I simple pop the hood and unplug the wire connection which seems to fix the issue for a little while.

If I turn my car off and on it does not fix the issue. Seems that it must be unplugged. Thoughts?

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If it was working correctly before, and you have no leaks, it must be the gauge. There are ways to test it. You can buy or borrow a vacuum tester, and use compressed air with a regulator set at the maximum your gauge should read. But since it's likely the gauge why don't you just call APR?


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Is there condensation in the line? Does APR recommend a filter be used on the vacuum line going to the gauge?


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Hmm never thought about condensation in the line. I really think it's wiring or electrical related since I've been able to get it to go away by unplugging the electrical piece and plugging it back in. But I never thought of the others.

I should still have warranty on it but if there was a way to try and troubleshoot it and fix it myself instead of going through the hassle of installing it again I'd rather do that