anyone from AZ (phoenix)


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Just checking how many GTI or R owners out here in AZ..

I am in Phx and I see a quite a few GTIs and a few Rs..


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I am in Chandler, I see them everywhere, I know there are some active clubs, there was a group that met at I10 and Ray awhile back but personally haven't been active. Wouldn't mind checking out some local vdubs though, maybe find someone with a VGCOM who can mod all my settings....


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Sierra Vista, GTI. There are a few done here. I work with a guy who has a MKV GTI APR Stage 2. Maybe sometime we should gather as many people as we can and go for a day drive.


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in Gilbert with a GTI...honestly, the facebook groups are way more active than this regional forum (at least for AZ)


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I’m in Phoenix and drive an Alltrack. I’ve learned a lot on these forums and enjoy noticing all the VW’s around our metro.

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GTI vs old Buick, then GTI vs cop

Cross-post from the "MK7 vs ..." forum. Northwest Tucson, and Tucson-to-Phoenix content. Happy motoring! -Moonray

Weird day Sunday...

Drove up to Wal-Mart and Khol's, was on a 1-way frontage road, but missed my turn (not my town). I kept going a bit and finally decided to turn right. Near the turn was a boat-like Buick, parked, facing the wrong way (towards me). As I neared the turn, he slowly started to move towards the street I was turning on. I turned anyway, drove on, watching him weaving behind me, driving on the wrong side of the road. No one was around. I turned left. He followed, pulled beside me, and his passenger window went down (female in passenger seat). He's yelling something, so I stupidly roll down my window (maybe there's an emergency?). He's crazy angry, is demanding I pull over so we can settle this "man to man." WTF? He's young, fat, wearing Coke-bottle glasses, and out of his mind. The female stares straight ahead, mortified. He shouts, "We're in the middle of nowhere motherfucker, you've got nowhere to go!" He continues screaming as I drive off. I get some ways ahead while watching the Buick in my mirror flailing madly around turns. I'm sorta having fun. I make a few random turns, then find myself in front of Wal-Mart's entrance where hoards of plebs are SLOWLY crossing the street. It's a high visibility area, but I'm stuck, not moving. He then arrives coming the opposite direction. He spots me, steers toward me, and stops in front of me, half blocking my lane. He's still crazed, screaming out his window at me. I have enough room to squeeze by, so I shake my head, take off, make my way to the highway, flip back around, done.

I've been a dick to other drivers before, yeah, but not that day. He was nuts.

Just hours later on I-10 at 10:30 PM (Tucson to Phoenix), I'm in the left lane going ~82 MPH (cops are typically OK with this). No one in sight but the car I'm slowly passing. Then I see a huge utility truck of some sort, super wide mirrors, special lights, hauling ass in the left lane, gaining on me quick, going 95-100 MPH. I immediately note to myself, "not a cop." I quickly pull into the middle lane (now down near the 75 MPH speed limit) well before he arrives. He arrives, slows, and matches my speed while staying in what you'd call my "blind spot." I don't like this (I read police reports for a living, so my head is full of bad scenarios, plus I'd been chased by crazy freakboy hours earlier). I want him ahead of me, so I take my foot off the gas. And wait. He stays in my blind spot. He's now slowed from ~95 to ~65 for no apparent reason. Wisely or not, I brake firmly to test his reaction. He somehow brakes hard enough so I stay in front of him. I signal and pull into the far right lane. He quickly follows me over. Crap. Having now confirmed I've been targeted, I decide to outrun him and open it up. He gives chase. I'm pulling away nicely when I see his emergency lights go on. F'in cop! Seriously? Driving nearly 100mph in an unmarked utility truck at 10:30PM? For what reason? What did I do? I give him some attitude and explain my actions. He (uniformed) goes back to his uber-truck. He reappears, we chat more, I ask if I did anything wrong. He says I "slammed on" my brakes. I reply, "Yeah, I was testing you, and you failed." I asked him if there was something I did that drew his attention to my car; he says no, he's just running down the highway checking people's registrations because it's a drug corridor (I-10). Soon after he apologized if he spooked me, I apologized for being my dick self, and he sent me on my way.

Today I said to a drug prosecutor I know: "If cops can catch drug traffickers by running random plates, we might as well give up now."