Any guesses on the extent of this body damage?


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I'm just about ready to try my hand at at this kind of repair for the first time. I had my motorcycle up on a jack while servicing the forks. Pulled the car in next to it for the night. Overnight, the bike slipped off the jack and I found it laying against the car. Put a nice dent in the bike's tank, cracked off some paint and also dented up my left front fender - though not nearly as bad as any of these pics.

PDR estimates were $800+ combined - not including paint.

Decided this was my excuse to teach myself this kind of work - the only type I have never tried before. I know how to fix and correct paint and already had all the stuff for that. Just not dent fixing. Some of the pdr vids on youtube border on witchcraft - i've been watching a lot of them the last month or so.

I fixed the bike's tank last week - it came out 97% of perfect.
The car fender will be this weekend. I will settle for 90% on that. I'll post some pics when I feel it's "done" and we can see how I did.

I've spent about $450 on PDR tools, paint tools and assorted bric a brac. So, now I own the tools and learned some new skills.


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PDR is pricy. I paid 450 for two tiny dents a couple years ago, one of which i caused with the door of my winter beater