Any good just muffler systems?


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2020 GTI
Hey there, I'm looking to see if anyone knows of any mufflers to replace the factory one. Im not looking to do a muffler delete or get a whole catback system.
I currently have a cts catted downpipe and a res delete so i only need a muffler, but i have trouble finding any just mufflers.


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I've been curious about this too and the TCR muffler is the only one I could find that seems to be relatively cost effective but also sounds the best (to me). Otherwise, axle-back/muffler-only solutions are pretty sparse for GTIs.

If you're getting the Clubsport/TCR exhaust, just be aware that there's different part numbers if you're getting one for the MK7 vs the MK7.5. The difference as far as I know is that the exhaust tips on the MK7.5 are a bit further apart. Here's the part #s:
  • Clubsport muffler for MK7: 5G6253609DD
  • TCR muffler for MK7.5: 5G6253609ED
The difference is the Clubsport muffler part # ends with DD and the TCR muffler's part # ends with ED. Looks lke you have a 2020 GTI, so you'll want the latter.

As for Clubsport vs. TCR, I believe VW just started calling the Clubsport the TCR with the mid-cycle refresh and not much else is materially different, but I could be wrong.

The issue right now is sourcing these mufflers (in the US, at least). You can order them from European sites but they may take forever to get here and costs can vary. ShopDAP offers them on their site, but they have shipping estimates at 60-90 days out. I think ECS has the Clubsport/MK7 muffler, but not the TCR/MK7.5 muffler.

All that said, good luck! Let us know what you go with! I'd be interested in seeing if the TCR muffler has become more widely available since I last looked.


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I have the Remus axleback and it gives the exhaust a very refined tone, even with a DP. The only real downside is it's quite expensive for what your getting but still no regrets. Sounds great with my Ultimate Racing resonated DP👍

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Im with op, i wish there were more simple bolt on solutions that dont need custom fab work. Not everyone wants a $1000+ catback
It’s the most expensive part of the exhaust to build, so there’s zero demand for a axle back.

OEM CSS or TCR are as cheap as you’ll get and being OEM you’re not sacrificing quality/Fitment