Any gardeners on here?


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South Wales

I've been in my house for about a year and think it's time to do something with the garden. There are some shady and damp areas which are also an awkward size or shape and I'm looking for ideas.

I've done a really bad mock up of the area so feel free to indulge in your own Photoshopping or just written suggestions.



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Do you guys have what are called "Extension Offices" over there? We have them here and they are tied to Universities and they do all sorts of research on gardening, lawns, crops, etc.... They can give recommendations for your area. It will be hard for anyone outside Wales to recommend anything as we don't know the climate or soil over there. Over here we have "zones" and plants will have zones which they do best in. Something that grows in Zone 8 probably won't do well in zone 4 for instance.

Around here we typically grow ferns in wet moist areas. What is moist to you probably differs over here. We have lots of hostas too.

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One cheap way in the USA is to look at the magazine rack in Walmart and look at the gardening magazines. You can see how other yards are designed.
Decide how you want the layout to look and then start with a few plants. Trees are good to start first as they have longer to grow. Add plants each year. Spreads out the cost and you can adjust what you want as items grow.

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You USA guys need to remember that in Merry Olde, garden usually means lawn and flower beds, not pole beans and okra.