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Another failed thrust bearing victim :(


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Doesn’t matter. Most people seem to do this.

Same question but in 4th gear then.
Same answer. If someone is flooring it at 2500 RPM and they're too stupid to have it in an appropriate gear that's their problem. Of course it depends on the speed that they're going also. What speed would they be going at 2500 RPM in 4th gear?


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Does anyone know if crankwalk damages the clutch, flywheel, or pressure plate at all? I'm curious if I can reuse them or not. Or if it's even a good idea at all.


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Yeah, I don’t understand that logic, IS38 will make more torque and power, how is that easier on the clutch...
He's not correct but he is not wrong. I think what he was trying to get at is how the is20 delivers hp and tq is comparison to the is38. The is20 delivers more torque than it does power while the is38 delivers more power than torque. If you have an is20, if you want to get to 330 whp you'll be at almost 400 wtq. If you have an is38 and want 330 whp, you'll be pushing right around 320 wtq. With that in mind, you do in fact push the car harder with an is38 but you're pushing a lower amount of torque.