Almost no heat in the cabin


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Hi guys,

During the past months I've gotten less and less heat into the cain of my Golf GT MK7 2015 with ~150k kilometers on it. My initial observations were that driving b-roads ~80 km/h only really resulted in heat in the cabin after I got on the gas somewhat (i.e. more than 2-3k RPM). This means that even after driving ~15 min. I would need to go on the gas before I got some heat into the cabin, and for a few seconds I would get a smell of something being slightly burnt.

However, if I went straight onto the highway with a cold engine it seemed that the heat would get into the cabin faster.

Today, it seems like there's basically no luck getting any heat into the cabin. I've been talking to a couple of mechanics as well as VW on the phone, and their best guesses currently is the water pump housing with the thermostats. Conveniently for them it's a $1000 replacement, and I'd rather be sure that it's actually the problem before I start handing out that kind of money.

I got two questions that I hope can clarify somewhat:

1. Wouldn't you expect a VAG error if the thermostat has a problem? The mechanics tester didn't show anything, neither do my own OBD.
2. I planned to flush the heater core today, but it's practically impossible to get the ribbons of the tubes as it's placed behind the turbo. Did anyone have any luck with that exercise on a MK7?