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AEM Water/Methanol Injection Kit - $350


Go Kart Newbie
Clovis, NM
AEM 30-3352 Multi-Input controller kit
AEM 30-3312 Dual Nozzle kit
+ some extras I bought along the way

- AEM multi-input controller (MAP, MAF or injector duty cycle based)
- Brand new pump with mounting screws (not pictured)
- 2x1000cc, 2x500cc, 2x250cc nozzles with both straight and 90* fittings and Y adapter, built in check valve nozzle holders
- Bulkhead fitting
- 90* fittings for pump connection if needed
- Plenty of wiring left on harness for install/easy to extend if needed
- Around 20 feet of nylon hose
- Only thing missing from original kit is LED light which is optional anyways. I can't find a PN for it, it's like a 5 cent part.

I have some extra fittings too if anyone needs them, $5 each.