Aelwulf's 'Ghost Rabbit' Build


Ready to race!
Update on progress. Updated first thread with items.

Chipwerke piggyback tuner - Seems to install similar to Neuspeed module, possibly JB1. Definitely recommend ramps/a lift to take off the lower engine cover under the car. Threw a CEL at first, but operator error. Apparently the MAP plug can go on backwards. >.< Since that's fixed, noticed easier acceleration at slow speeds and quicker pickup at faster speeds/off the line. No definitive dyno or anything but it has improved it. Rep from company was a good sport about helping me out over text since I only had time right after they likely closed.

Pedal Commander - This did a good job of removing most/all of the 'pedal pause'. Maybe just from that, or additional side effect, but did seem to help acceleration a smidge as well. Probably placebo on the latter but a good one if so.

OEM mud flaps - Yep, mud flaps

OEM lock bolts - Just in case, some places have wheels disappearing too easily.

Klii Mk7 plaid license plate frame - Nice little piece. The wrap might be a bit finicky from the washing instructions that came with it but fun for now.

Badgeworks steering wheel CF sticker - Fairly thick vinyl, works well so far. May trade out the VW badge inlay for the Mk 7 plaid one from Klii.

Badgeworks steering wheel GTI lettering sticker - Bit of a pain to put on since so small, but look good.

Badgeworks visor cover stickers - It was maybe a tad under 70 degrees when I installed so had to re-apply a bit later the next morning. But since it was a warm day then they've held since.

Badgeworks blade GTI stickers - Think one of them is off a tad, but hopefully I'm the only one who notices it. :/ Look good aside from that. Although in direct sun they seem to look almost silver still with light reflecting.

ECS Tuning center storage tray (saw the eBay one too late
) - Useful so far. Holds in the opening a bit TOO well, generally have to pull up an edge to take it out.

ECS Tuning CF paddle shifters - Working well so far, I like that they replace the stock ones instead of just sticking to them. Even if the pin is a pain.

Findway floor mats - Good fit so far, good price, quick shipping from Canada, color isn't far enough off from the stock carpet to matter unless you're really OCD.

Rabbit tire air cap/plate frame set from ECS Tuning - Bit of a pricey kit, not using the keychain so far, but a nice plate/cap set for Rabbits.

aFe Pro Dry S drop-in air filter - Much cheaper than a CAI, works well, sound is increased a bit (perhaps in part due to below).

Intake snow guard removed - See above, took out at the same time, bit surprised it more or less just popped out.

General G-Max AS-05 tires in 235/40R18 - Holding well so far. Had one slide hitting 2/3-3/4 throttle on a 90 degree turn from a stop sign but that was likely due to me. Also got a chirp going into third with the piggyback but it was very brief. By and large no problem with them not holding when needed.

BFI Stage 1 insert (pending install)

On order:
Klii front 'flat' badge Mk 7 plaid graphic - Page says it may interfere with ACC but not mention of Front Assist, we'll find out.
Badgeskins 'flat' badge graphic (and rear in set, will see how it goes) - Going to try and see if it affects Front Assist.