Aelwulf's 'Ghost Rabbit' Build


Ready to race!
Car is home! Pending name either Brer or Lola.

2019 Cornflower Blue GTI Rabbit DSG 2.0T

Actual items for/on car to date:

Chipwerkes piggyback tuner
Pedal Commander
OEM mud flaps
OEM lock bolts
Klii Mk7 plaid license plate frame
Badgeskins steering wheel CF sticker
Badgeskins steering wheel GTI lettering sticker
Badgeskins visor cover stickers
Badgeskins blade GTI stickers
ECS Tuning center storage tray (saw the eBay one too late :p)
ECS Tuning CF paddle shifters
Findway floor mats
Rabbit tire air cap/plate frame set from ECS Tuning
aFe Pro Dry S drop-in air filter
Intake snow guard removed
General G-Max AS-05 tires in 235/40R18
BFI Stage 1 insert (pending install)

On order:
Klii front 'flat' badge Mk 7 plaid graphic
Badgeskins 'flat' badge graphic (and rear in set, will see how it goes)
Badgeskins 'beehive' rear reflector graphic

Narrowed down possibles:

Stratified or 5150 tune, maybe Unitronic?
eBay downpipe with O2 adapter? Would prefer a 300-cell high flow cat setup that wouldn't throw a CEL instead, but those get pricier fast.
Magic Twintercooler
MST Intake (non-CF), possibly AMS or Unitronic intake (if CF) - Either only if I decide to for appearance/possibly increased sound
ECS CF bits, seem to be the main options
Euro Impulse shift knob if change from stock, SportShifters if they start doing DSG sets
LOVE me an iPe exhaust, but with cost not sure what might be an interim
Currently Bilstein B4s/H&R OE Sport Spring combo, least to start with. Don't like going to low. (So far Tire Rack) - Maybe Soloworks coilovers.
H&R 24mm RSB (So far Tire Rack)
Racing Line metal engine caps/parts, since I can't seem to find blue ones. :p (USP, I think)
SuperSpeed RF03RR wheels with Conti or Michelin tires (hopefully summer set, stock wheels with Blizzaks for winter if so)
Euro rear headrests
Helix subwoofer setup
deautokey LEDs
BFI catch can
Engine/tranny mount upgrades (likely BFI)

Open to civil suggestions/discussion.

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Sandman GTI

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Tennessee USA
Congats on new car.

I will give you credit on source for CF I have not seen.
Looks like quality but even for me $700 for mirror caps is a bit much.
But some unique pieces.

Strongly suggest no hood bra. They collect dirt and when driving it gets rubbed in the paint. PPF is better.

Tune. Unitronic Stage 1+ is nice.

Chains? Why needed? In service and you will transfer?
Be careful, chains can cause damage and a lot of it.
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Ready to race!
Yeah, same here. I likely wouldn't touch $700 mirror caps. But sometimes other bits aren't bad, and who knows come Black Friday, etc. ;)

Thanks on the hood bra. Kind of what I was thinking but didn't know if that's changed recently. I've been interested in doing a ceramic coating on my truck, might stick with that direction on the car. It'd be cheaper than the truck as well, and don't have to worry for about 5 years.

It seems like Unitronic is a good option. Their site could use a little work but definitely considering some of theirs. I like the intake/air collector combo.

I am service, although about to 'retire'. However not sure yet if we'll be staying around here or landing someplace else. Other two top spots are Florida and Colorado, so chains might be needed. I don't like using them, but like to have them if needed. Knock on wood so far a good set of all seasons or snow tires have done fine.

Thanks for the input!

Sandman GTI

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Tennessee USA
On a GTI or R I would use a good set of winter tires before chains.
Maybe check out the cloth chains you see in videos from Europe.
Not sure they sell here. Might.

I had an 88’ CRX Si with a hood bra. Lesson learned is why I warn.
Clear film is an easy install on hood. If you find someone good at the bumper do it.

Read through build threads and it helps decide on items you like.
It is work, but a lot of info here that helps with decisions.