Adventures in the shop - carnage pictures.


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I posted this on another forum and people seemed to really get a kick out of it so I thought I'd share. These are all pics I've taken of things I've personally come across over the years.

Touareg V6 timing chains, tensioners, and cam adjusters.... this could have all been avoided with regular maintenance.

Front end off a Jetta

Front end off a Beetle

Aftermarket shop did the timing belt...

Intermittent convertible top problem.

The problem... a pinched wire from the factory, the smashed yellow wire was under that bracket so you didn't see anything other than the black loom.

2.0T TSI motor that blew up. The engine sucked in water and hydrolocked, the insurance company would only pay for the plugs to pulled to suck out water from the cylinders and to replace the soggy air filter. No oil change, no rod inspection, nothing. It made it about 300 miles before a rod came through the block.

Looking at my hand through the engine

When I took the belly pan off

One side of the engine

The other side of the engine

Fuel pump that ate a camshaft on 2.0T FSI

MK4 VW strut mount, new vs old.

VW's attempt to "fix stupid"

because when you're stupid enough to put gas in your TDI clean diesel engine you get to buy all these new parts

Maintenance and chipping a V10 R8

Bench flashing my ECM from GTI

$763.40 for this Maserati shift knob

Blown up clutch

Spare tires are overrated... just keep driving

How to work on MK5 doors

Rebuilding a 6 speed manual

Shift fork was messed up

Which cracked a syncro

Old parts

Q7 3.0 TDI. The turbo let go with so much force the compressor housing blew off the center section, the compressor wheel shattered sending shrapnel into the intercoolers, the shaft with the nut still on it launched through the intake piping, took out the guts of the mass air flow sensor and ended up in the air box, oil dumped out into the particulate filter and the force of it letting go simultaneously caused an 02 sensor and an exhaust gas temp sensor to crap out (open circuit in the electronics). All in all about $7,000 in damage and then they crashed and totalled it about 3 weeks later.

Air filter so filled with shit when the engine tried to build boost it would collapse the filter and pulled in a bunch of debris that took out the MAF.

All the crap I had to replace to fix the Sportwagon that was just "fixed" at the body shop.

Long block replacement in an old POS Eurovan.

2012 Golf R - the gear on the water pump fell off of the shaft, walked it's way out of the timing cover, ate the timing belt and made shit go boom.

Q5 disassembly

Here's a new one from this week.

2011 S4 with 15K mile on it that had $8,500 in damage from rodents chewing up the engine bay. The Engine harness, a couple 02 sensors, a coolant hose, intake boot, vacuum hoses and pipes, it even ate through the rubber grommet on the intermediate steering shaft that seals it where it goes through the firewall.

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Has the blown 2.0T TSI been remapped?


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