Adding Vibrant resonator and expanding stainless pipe


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To start, I have the 034 3" downpipe and Remark 2.75" catback. As I've put more miles on the exhaust it has started to drone more. It doesn't bother me much, but in a few months I'll be driving it around 1100 miles to Florida.

I already ordered a Vibrant 17950 resonator, reducer, and needed clamps. The thought is to slot the resonator and slide it right onto the downpipe with a clamp, then onto the reducer, then onto the 2.75" exhaust. Seems like it should work fine, but that's a lot of clamps on a short space.

Then I had the idea of getting a pipe expander and expanding the 2.75" to fit into the resonator and getting rid of the reducer entirely. This seems like a better approach to me, but I'm unsure how well stainless expands before splitting. I'm guessing it would do a 1/4" just fine, but I have no experience expanding anything but aluminumized steel. If anyone does have experience with that your input is greatly appreciated.

Final option (again with opinions needed) is welding. I have a MIG welder and C25 gas, I do not have tri-mix gas and don't want to buy it. I've read about stainless flux core wire that some say has good results but I'm kinda reluctant to try it. This would probably be the final option if I have problems with clamps coming loose or leaking bad.

Anyway, what do you guys think?

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Not a lot of help, but I have been down that road. I had a beautiful Eurojet downpipe and attempted to weld the larger Vibrante 1142 to it. The shop I took it to did not want to do it. I ended up going with a turn key solultion of the Ultimate Racing with the Vibrant resonator and selling the downpipe. That was over three years ago and I am super pleased with the setup. Sounds like you are on the right path.