93 Octane/e85 fuel


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Didn't see a post in this forum about fuel locations so I started one.

Since purchasing my GTI, I have been on the lookout for some 93 Octane or e85 fuel. So far I haven't found any near Puyallup (only been looking for 3 weeks since purchase).

There is a lot of 92 Octane fuel here, seems like the gas stations are deliberately sabotaging people who want to tune their autos lol.

Anyone near me in Puyallup know of some gas stations that sell the good stuff?


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Awesome and WoW.. looks like the only to places for e85 are military installations.

Good thing is, I work on one of them :D
I noticed that in a few places. Was wondering if it was just for the vehicles on base or what not. I have a bunch by me in Florida. Regular gas stations.

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There's E85 in Snoqualmie, and up north of Marysville. The Snoqualmie station is called Gateway Gas and Deli, and has quality E85 all year.


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Hey guys,
Ive noticed that united service stations have now got 100 octane fuel. Has anyone tried it? Good or bad? Would it be bad for my engine if its tuned for 98 octane?

Nice, 98 and 100 at the pump. 91 max here in California. 100 should be fine for your car. If it is tuned for 98 and you are not seeing any knock after you log some 4th gear runs then it won't benefit you. If however you are seeing some timing being pulled it will provide benefit and ideally you would be able to run an even more aggressive 100oct tune though I suspect the increase in power would be minor.


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For those that don't already know...

GasBuddy app lets you look for E85:

Supported fuel types

In Canada and the U.S., GasBuddy currently offers the ability to view/report prices for the three main grades of gasoline; Regular (85-87 Octane), Mid-Grade (89 Octane), Premium (91-93 Octane), E-85, Unl88, and Diesel.

In Australia, we currently support Unleaded, E10, Premium 95, Premium 98, Diesel, and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas).

We are working on adding other fuel types to the website and apps in the future. Some fuel types are only available in certain markets.