90k RECO


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My 2016 is ready for its 90k (my thinking 90 was a BIG one. Turns out, it looks like it was 80…but obviously I didn’t get anything “major” done then). I have a mechanic I trust, but…should I pay particular attention to certain things?

I know I’m ready for brakes. Not to ask out of forum, but while I’m here: are Hawk Talon any good

I have to admit…I don’t know sh*t about them (or ANY brake parts, for that matter); I just think they look cool. If so, which pads?

Also…will probably look to replace plugs. What plugs, and are coils a waste of money or worthwhile


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DSG service. perf pack diff service if you've got it.
Most other stuff you can inspect. Assuming you need new pads/rotors I'd get zimmerman blanks and pagid or brembo ceramics (if dust bothers you). You can get drilled zimmermann's off FCP too, if you like that look. The black coating will wear off anyway.
For ignition, get OE coilpacks, whatever the most recent revision is. OE plugs are just fine for a stock turbo car. Don't overthink it.


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Look up the recommended service intervals from VW and see if you are missing anything. Replacing coils are generally a waste of money unless you are having issues, either they work or they don't.

OEM spark plugs, engine air filter, cabin air filter, oil change, haldex fluid change and filter cleaning (if R), DSG service (if DSG), brake fluid, and check brake pad life. Brakes only need to be replaced if they're low no expiry date on the pads/rotors.

While you have the car being worked on ask them to check for coolant leaking since that's so common and if you have misfires maybe consider a carbon cleaning but without any issues I'd probably just ignore them.