8" AVIN USA Navigation Radio with Apple Carplay and Android Auto Adapter - $500 - Atlanta, GA


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Dunwoody, GA
This radio only works on MK7 MIB1 Golf and GTI cars (I believe this is only 2015 models). I also believe it only works on non-Fender audio cars as well. You will know yours is MIB1 if it did not come with Apple Carplay.

This adds wireless and wired Apple Carplay and Android Auto to these cars, where it did not come with it before. It also has connectors for a backup camera, which these cars also did not come with. This also maintains all factory screens and settings that you can access through your factory stereo. For example, if you're using Carplay and you press the Mode button next to the shifter, it still appears on the screen like factory and then goes back to Carplay after a second or 2.

The Apple Carplay was not perfect (this is a Chinese knockoff radio after all). 1 issue worth mentioning is that audio does not transmit through Carplay like it should, so you have to also have your phone connected Bluetooth and that's how the audio is transmitted to your speakers. Other than that, I was very happy with this unit and the nice 8" screen was a huge improvement over the stock 5.8" screen. You can also play movies on it via a micro sd card or over HDMI.

I purchased this in September 2019 and took it out of the car when I traded it in in January 2020, so it's practically new. The screen protector could stand to be replaced, as there are a few bubbles.

Below are the links of the items so that you can read more about these items:

If purchased locally (located in Dunwoody, GA), I am more than happy to help install this. Running the wire from the head unit in the glove to the touchscreen was the hardest part. I used a fish tape like this to accomplish this:

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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