2019 VW Tiguan


Ready to race!
My fiancee has a '18 Tiguan SE 4Motion. We love it a lot! The MPG is really great only if you are gentle with it. The mpg does tank bad during the winter time, and right now, it's warm. We are seeing between 30 and 34 mpg depending on what mph you are doing. Actually, we got the Tiguan on Halloween night for $24K. The transmission can be laggy in 1st-2nd gear at low speed, it doesn't bother me at all. My fiancee mostly drive it!

Our first road trip to Vermont back in November, we did get 32MPG heading home to Delaware from Vermont. I ordered a part -

Curious to see if there's any improvement!


Ready to race!
If they sell Hyundai's there check out the 2019 Sante Fe. I'm not sure of the MPG but the SE version has driver assist and is supposed to do 0-60 in 6.5 seconds. I just rode in a new one and was impressed with its features for under $30K.

If we didn't need the extra row we probably would've been looking at the Mazda5. Another problem we have with a lot of other smaller SUVs is either I don't fit to drive (which I do a lot when we're all going along) and/or no one can fit behind me unless I'm cramped while driving. Nearly all of them had that problem, this one I can fit ok and still fit someone behind me. The Rav4 I think was the closest next-best in the smaller SUV segment.

Although I think this one borders more on the mid-size segment, in which case it's a more even competition with the 4Runner. Personally I probably would've chosen the 4Runner (of the two), but I also would've gone with the off-road version vs. the SR5 she'd prefer.

All in all, for its purpose, I can't really complain so far. We didn't get it to race 0-60 between lights. And it's not my DD. :p They just updated some software for a recall that was causing a CEL, but it's fixed so no concern. So long as the sunroof doesn't leak we should be good with it.


Ready to race!
Baltimore, MD
My wife went in to drive an All-Track after her Mazda3 was totaled and decided it was too small so she started looking into SUVs. She ended up with a Tiguan SE w/ added third row option. With my employee discount we got about $7,500 off MSRP. For the price we paid, it feels better than anything else we compared it to. The third row option was only $450 and adds enough room for two small adults (my in-laws). 10/10, would buy again.