2019 Subaru STI-100% stock Saratoga NY


Ready to race!
Upstate NY

Since I own a GTI maybe I can slide posting my Subaru on here? hehe.

I'm selling my 2019 STI BASE Crystal White Pearl with 19,100 miles for 31k OBO. I am the original owner, no accidents, completely stock and never modified except Spoiler delete (I I traded my trunk with a WRX trunk on the lot off my Dealer). The car was regularly maintained at the original dealer where I purchased the car. I have receipts for all maintenance performed (oil changes every 3-4k miles) including gas receipts from the same gas station using 93 gas (i'm sick lol). I purchased the car on Aug. 8th 2018 and right after I bought the car life threw me a curve ball and I had a longer commute. I never really got the chance to drive the car like it's intended and I do not daily the car. I'm 35 years old and i'm very meticulous about my cars and kept it clean and detailed on a weekly basis. I even clean the undercarriage a few times a year. I do not abuse my cars and care for them responsibly.

The car has 2 tiny dings- 1 by the driver door handle and another on passenger front fender. Both you can't see unless I point them out. 1 wheel is a little scraped/ scratched but the other 3 are perfect. I already got a quote to fix the wheel (which is minor) and I will fix it.

The car runs absolutely perfect! The car does not burn oil at all and like I said above I bought gas from the same station using 93. No noise from anywhere and all accessories run properly. Still have the stock OEM tires with tons of life still left (which gives you indication how I took care of the car when driving). In my opinion the 2019's are the best year for this car as it uses the same engine as the Type RA.

The car comes with factory Short Shifter (never installed still in box) and floor mats. Adaptive headlights/ HID's (which are phenomenal). No sunroof, no push button start.

Interior is absolutely perfect and immaculate.


Message me for more info or additional pics and videos.

Check out my Instagram for more pics: autosenses


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