2019 Schedule of events- Colorado


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Colorado Springs
Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knows anything going for 2019, whether it be cruises/ track days/ cars and coffee, etc?
I’m trying to see what local VW/Audi scenes are near Co Springs- Pueblo- Denver, anything in between..

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I've found a lot of people "don't know" how to get involved with track days. Your best bet for getting seat time on track and learning (the right way) is to start with a club, like SCCA or NASA. NASA central region has had some crossover in the past with the Rocky Mountain region, so I keep my eyes open for Colorado events at High Plains.

I'd recommend going to your regional site for NASA, SCCA, PCA, BMWCCA, and signing up for what looks interesting to you.

I drive NASA and SCCA so that's what I'm familiar with. Here's your region's next NASA Colorado event:

They have another high plains event in October. I'll probably be out that way for one of those. I'm also happy to give ride alongs to fellow drivers interested to see the track.