2019 GTI vs 2019 Mazda 3


Autocross Champion
Got a loaner mazda 3 for a day. It was actually a decent car. Leatherette seats were comfortable. Loved the mirrors. Could actually see stuff behind me. The infotainment screen was huge and the mouse thing was easy to use. Took about 20 minutes to get used to infotainment.
The one thing I hated more than anything was all the nannies. Car would try to correct my trajectory when it was just fine. At first I thought something was wrong with the power steering as it kept fighting me. Then realized what it was. Turned it off right away. Bad part was nannies would just turn back on when I set cruise control possibly or something. Can't remember exactly. But uhhh. Wth. Why would anyone want that and adaptive cruise control? There was someone on the shoulder and it wanted to basically stop. It's off to the side. Why are you slowing down to a crawl?

Forgot...the best part was turning from a stop sign and just flooring it and no wheelspin (as an awd model). What a great feeling. Granted, not sure if the car has enough power to spin the tires even if it was fwd, but still a great feeling not worrying about traction.