2018 Golf Sportwagen S 4Motion IS38


Autocross Champion
Bilstein B8s installed this past weekend. H&R Sport springs carried over. ~30K on springs, ~56K overall. Stock dampers honestly feel fine/normal and the mounts/bearing for the strut tops were in good shape but I replaced them anyway. Overall impression after doing some testing - just a more well-sorted/sport/touring suspension. A great upgrade and not too harsh. My biggest take-away is that the movement is just a bit more controlled which is exactly what you would expect. I DIY'd it using the 2x4 method, worked fine overall but as this was my first time, some hiccups along the way. The front drop is as it was; the rear gained 0.25" and that is likely just the overall pressure/force to compress the damper. I am looking into running the H&R rears from the fwd Sportwagen as they have less dead coils (just act like a spacer) and this would drop the car back down and likely put it even with the front.

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