2017 GTI Sport - $$$OLD


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2017 VW GTI Sport, 86,380 miles
  • Asking price: $16,500 OBO.
  • Manual 6-speed
  • Performance package (sport differential, PP brakes)
  • No sunroof
  • Lighting package, without fog lights
  • Nogaro wheels
  • Clark plaid interior
  • Mileage won't increase much, not my daily anymore during the winter.
  • 2nd owner, purchased at 10k miles in May 2018 from Ken Pollock Ford.
  • Clean title in hand.
  • Located in Philadelphia.

Maintenance/parts/more info:
  • Did a few things in preparation for sale:
    • Moog rear end links at ~86k
    • New OE front end links at ~86k
    • Oil change, brake fluid change, differential service at ~86k
    • New air filter and cabin filter
  • Powerstop front and rear brake pads/rotors at ~70k miles
  • Oil changes always done on time
  • Spark plugs at ~60k miles
  • Stock turbo replaced under warranty by VW at ~28k miles for electronic waste gate failure
  • Stock suspension has about 50k on it, I’ve been running coilovers for awhile and recently swapped back to stock.
  • BFI alcantara shift knob and Spulen short shifter. Still have stock shift knob.
  • Sequential mirror turn signals. Stock ones included.
  • RennWagen spoiler, installed with double sided tape.
  • AliExpress eyelids still in good shape, can removed if desired.
  • Will come on Rotiform RSE with Continental ExtremeContacts (Actually bought the wheels/tires off here). Tires are in great shape. One wheel refinished by previous owner, another one has some scuffs and a little curbage (pictured). Also lost a center cap on the highway. Stock Nogaros included, tires are shot. Weird clear coat issue on a few, would be great winters (and that was my intention for them).
  • Overall no mechanical issues whatsoever. I've had a JB4 on it for about 6 months, I've only ever run stage 1, and have gone back to stock tune for the last few months because of winter. JB4 will be removed. Few cosmetic issues here and there from being a daily driver, mainly some rock chips and little things which I’ve tried to include in the photos. At some point about a year ago the tow hook cover popped out/got stolen. No major dents, deep scratches, etc.
  • Interior in pretty good shape. Comes with monster mats and brand new carpet mats. a few scuffs on the interior plastic on the rear hatch from loading stuff.

Overall, this car is in good shape for its age/mileage and I’ll probably regret selling it. It’s been on a ton of road trips and has been nothing but reliable through my almost 5 years of ownership. Moving on to something different.

Here's a link to the Imgur album with more pics, only allows 10 on this post. Can take more if needed.


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Ready to race!
Bump for price lowered to 16.5k. Considering putting new tires on the Nogaros and selling the Rotiforms separately...


Ready to race!
How much did you get?
$15k. I was happy with it and didn’t have to deal with anyone flaking on me. Got used tires to put on the stock wheels so kept the Rotiforms and took off the roof rack, plus some other stuff I’ll be selling. Appointment was at 5:30, walked out at 6:30 with check in hand.