2017 Golf SE headlight option


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My son's car has hologen headlight. ITs not bright at night. what are my option? Xenon or LED that can fit into the housing? the amount of area around the bulb is very limited.. so if its xenon, i need to locate ballast to somewhere? LED not enough room to put the seal cover back on.. so what is everyone else doing?


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I have a 2020 VW GTI S with the halogen lights(they suck at night, had a Golf R and a WRX STi with LEDs so these are literally like holding a lighter out your window when driving in the dark…)

I just bought some aftermarket LED Headlights that plug in to the existing connection and have a ballast already hooked up. My friend who is a mechanic and I didn’t have time to hook them up yet. He tried real fast but because the low beam light bulbs are such a bitch to take on and off in that little area. Next week we plan on taking the entire lights out to install them properly.

When I get time I will get what brand they are and take some pictures of it before and after so you get an idea. They were generic brand off Amazon like 50 bucks or less if I remember correctly, I ended up getting some that were l not Chinese. I support the former Hong Kong and Free Democratic Taiwan so I try to buy as little from Big Mainland Taiwan (Chynuh as I call it now) as possible. It’s hard but we all have to do something.

Sorry for semi high jacking your thread. I was literally gonna post a thread about headlights and just saw yours here. If anyone can post about your advice or own experiences etc, please feel free.



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Here's a Facelifted Mk7.5 (happens to be my 2019 e-Golf)
The LED lights below the two halogen reflectors is the dead give away for 7.5 lights, based on reading other threads.

If you don't live in a state where they check headlights annually, OSRAM has some plug-n-play LED headlight assemblies intended to replace the halogen lights. (They don't have US amber side reflectors, or US amber side marker lamps, hence they will fail annual inspections in states that look closely) They're currently around $1000USD for the facelifted version parts shipped from Europe. Facelifted Red stripe (GTI) versions haven't gone out of stock. Facelifted black versions haven't been in stock since March, and are on 8-16 week back order.
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