2016 Lapiz Blue Golf R 6-Speed Stage 2 - NoVA


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I am selling my 2016 Volkswagen Golf R. I am the second owner. I purchased the car in March 2023 off the vortex and it came from GA.

The car is a Lapiz blue 6 spd manual loaded model, currently at 94k miles. It is stage 2, runs strong with no issues. Though I bought this car less than a year ago my situation has changed; I need a bigger car :/ Mileage will go up very slowly as I don't drive much.

Asking $20,400 OBO.

The Good
The paint is in excellent shape for the mileage. It has a full front Xpel and is ceramic coated.
EQT stage 2 tune - great power and very smooth delivery
DG six sigma shifter
PS4S tires with plenty of tread
Neuspeed wheels were powder coated in a metallic gray
All maintenance is up to date
The car was from GA, and I am WFH most of the time so I'm avoiding going out. The car is super clean underneath absolutely no signs of rust.
I'm the 2nd owner

The Not as Good
The car was in a frontal accident in 2019 with the previous owner. He said "Mostly cosmetic damage, but everything was replaced and the Xpel and ceramic reapplied. I ensured the repair was perfect before it left the body shop. The car shows no signs of the damage and you would never know it happened without being told." I can confirm there are no signs of previous damage. Carfax shows the damage as "minor to moderate"
Small ding on the roof. Could be fixed with PDR, but doesn't seem worth the time/expense.
Rear hatch tint has a bunch of bubbles. I was going to just remove it but I'll let the next owner decide.
Driver seat has wear, specifically on the left side bolsters. Pretty normal from entering and exiting the car
Several paint chips on the front end :( one or two went through the xpel (see pics)

But otherwise the car does not look like it has the mileage it does.

The car will come with the majority of OEM parts as well as a new set of front pads.

Cobb Accessport with EQT stage 1 and 2 tunes
APR downpipe w/OEM Catback
Southbend stage 3 daily with LWFW
IE V2 intake and turbo inlet
MSS kit adjustable springs
Superpro sway bar and end links
Euro LED tail lights and harness
19" Neuspeed wheels with Michelin PS4S fresh powder coat
ECS clutch valve/bleeder
APR shifter bracket
DG six sigma short shifter
Raceseng Shift knob
Black Forest Ind. shift boot
Steering wheel leather wrap
8" euro screen
Maxpider floor mats
034 dogbone mount
Fluid dampr
Hawk HPS 5.0 pads
Turbo muffler delete
034 subframe bushings
Xpel full front PPF
Ceramic Pro full coating
Frameless rear view mirror
35% window tint
OBDeleven holder in glove box
Front and rear VW emblem and front trim plasti dipped black. Can be easily reversed.

SB stage 3 clutch 20k, rebuilt at 74k
Haldex replaced under warranty 39k
Brake pads and rotors at 65k, front pads at 72k
Brake fluid at 74k
Haldex, transmission serviced 74k
iABED metal rear main seal 74k
Timing chain insp 74k
Michelin PS4S at 81k
Carbon cleaning 81k
Denso IKH01-24 p[lugs at 89k
New corner bulbs 89k
New battery 89k
New oil pan at 93k miles due to small leak, along with fresh oil and filter and brake flush

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Here are some interior pics:


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Bump. Took the car off the market for March and April but I'm ready to sell again. Make me an offer!


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17R / 16R
not a bad deal.. considering I paid 18k for a golf r with a seized motor ( did'nt know the motor was shot when bidding at salvage auction) and some minor body damage.