2016 Golf R vs GTI


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So I got a basic R and then added DCC, sunroof and 19" Cadiz wheels it cost me a little more than 164k. Custom specs will take 4-6 months but you can customize whatever you want, the dealers will try and put you off only cause they want to meet their monthly sales quotas but insist on it.

All the best mate, btw if you think choosing between an r and GTI is bad wait till you have to choose the color.

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Hahahahah. It's been harder than I actually thought it would be. Regarding the color, in case of the R, no brainer, am in love with the lapiz blue so if the R is meant to b my car, then lapiz blue for me. But choosing the color of the gti is bad. Am leaning towards limestone grey, but pure white and tungsten silver are options too. Let's c. Cheers for the reply and advice