18" OE PRETORIA wheels now available

St. Olaf
I think this good news for many who like the Pretoria design,
but don't want to run a 19" wheel and are also not willing to
pay the price for the 8x19 ET50 Pretoria, which is more than
600 € for one wheel new (+ 235/35 R19 tires). Remember the
19" Pretoria is pretty light for a factory wheel with just 9.6 kg
(21.1 lbs).

This morning I was stumbling across this: :)
7,5J x 18 ET51, Pretoria, Sterling Silber

Art.: 5G0071498A 88Z
279,00 EUR

official Volkswagen Zubehör/Driver Gear pricelist (see page 14)

German dealer offering says 279 €

I hope the 18" version is similarly lightweight, say below 9 kg/20 lbs.
It certainly won't be as light as the Clubsport Belvedere wheel (7,6
kg/16.7 lbs), but it also isn't as expensive as that forged Clubsport
wheel, which is similarly priced as a 19" Pretoria. If I would not have
the Belvedere on my Clubsport from factory and I already had some
17" winters, I'd definitely go for this 18" Pretoria, that's for certain.




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Man, those are really growing on me. I'm a huge fan of the Cadiz, but wasn't sure if I wanted to replace my Austins.

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I purchased a set of 18" Pretoria Replicas on which I installed Michelin Winter tires for my R. They look identical to the stock Pretorias, except the color is darker and they are much heavier. They are sold by DAI (model R75) and I think they are manufactured in Montréal, Québec.
St. Olaf
Stock size IS 7.5x18. ;)
Only difference is OE being ET49 while these are ET51, which is negligible.


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Not a bad deal if they are ~20 lbs and can be had for sub $300 lbs in the states.

Was about to post that the Advanti Hybris wheel that looks EXTREMELY similar to a Pretoria is significantly less money and has a "flow formed" barrel, but in 18" sizes they don't use flow forming. Only the 19" models are in the "DST" series.

Still, half as much money and a similar weight for an 18x8, and not a bad cast wheel manufacturer all things considered. Advanti's are produced by the same firm that makes Konig.
St. Olaf
Another difference worth noting is the color. While 8x19 Pretorias
are (either) grey metallic (or black), these new 18" Pretorias are
(either) "Sterling Silver" (or black respectively). ;)



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That metallic grey I think is what makes those wheels gorgeous.

Just wish they were 18x8 ET45 and metallic grey.
St. Olaf
Wish any factory GTI and R wheel would be 8" and ET45 - ET48
to accomodate 235 mm tires. However they did a nice job on
both the 18" Belvedere and Pretoria. Things could be far worse.
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It would be great to have 18" Pretoria's but it prob won't make it to the US. Still dreaming of getting the clubsport "Belvedere's" but can't find any reasonable way to get them shipped here