1.4TSI ACT Vibration/noisier idle


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I have a 1.4TSI ACT, which is just coming up to 92000 miles. I've had it for a number of years and other than regular servicing (I do it myself every year. I do less miles in it now, so it's rare I go over 4/5000 miles between oil changes. The oil is always clean and I run on premium fuel to help keep things clean) it's been great. It's always been a particularly smooth and quiet engine. I even had someone earlier this year comment that they thought it was electric as it was so quiet at idle.
The timing belt and water pump were changed a few years ago and haven't done that many miles. I've had a quick look under the timing belt cover too and everything looks brand new still, as I was planning to get it done next year or the year after to keep to the 4/5 year interval.

Recently, it suddenly started feeling a little rough, so just to be sure before I went any further I did a full service a little earlier than planned, new oil, filters and spark plugs.
However it's not helped, at idle there is a vibration through the seat, which is quite noticable at idle. Overall the engine is just generally a bit noisier too. If I put my hand on the top of the air filter there is quite a noticable shake, but if someone gives it a gentle rev whilst I keep my hand there it smooths out (although it's still a bit noiser than I used to be).
If I leave it out of gear and push in and out on the clutch at idle, there seems to be a slight change of noise/vibration, but only very subtle.

It appears to come more from the right (UK passenger side) of the engine.

I've checked fault codes and there isn't anything.

It's almost like a really mild misfire type of feeling, yet the engine itself seems smooth. I'm starting to wonder if it's the flywheel?
As anyone had a similar issue or know of any other things it could be?
Or even a way to narrow down what else might be causing this?


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Maybe it's start of the issues from carbon buildup on intake valves? Rough cold starts and misfires starts at around 90-120k miles, depending of use, if it mostly calm, slow, city driving (earlier) or highway, higher rev driving (later)


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Gearbox/engine mount under the battery could be loose/failing......need to switch engine off & rock the engine from that area...