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    FS: DKM stage 3 clutch

    Still for sale?
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    MK7 GTI APR Stage 2 Exhaust & Engine SOUNDS [Mic'd Up]

    Sounds awesome! Just an FYI, you can route your radar detector cable underneath the plastic and the headliner so that it is completely flush. I could pm you some pics if you'd like to see what I am talking about.
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    New owner: do I have a MK7 or MK7.5 Golf GTI?

    Sorry, my mistake. I forgot to mention those interior upgrades as well, thanks.
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    New owner: do I have a MK7 or MK7.5 Golf GTI?

    The "facelift" references various styling and mechanical upgrades made to every GTI and Golf R from 2018 and on. These include refreshed headlights, taillights, front bumper, slight power increase, etc. Also with the facelift, every trim received the performance package as standard, which...
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    Mods you're wasting money on...

    Gotcha. Sportymk7 deleted his so I wasn't sure if this is a common thing to do.
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    Mods you're wasting money on...

    What benefits does deleting SAI have?
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    Spacers and Lowering Springs

    About an inch. There is still about 1/2in of space between the tire and the fender arch. These springs just get rid of the wheel gap and it looks much better, but if you’re looking for perfect fitment, go with Eibach Sportline.
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    Just how easy/pain is DP install/removal?

    I have a CTS catted down pipe and stock cat back. Just did a res delete and honestly can barely tell a difference. I’d recommend using that money elsewhere.
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    Possibly Replacing My GTI

    Haha yeah not quite. CTR is still faster stock
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    Spacers and Lowering Springs

    I am running the stock 18" nogaro wheels with Racingline lowering springs, and the same size spacers. Absolutely no rubbing. I would assume you will be fine as well. What size are your tires?
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    2021 HPDE Plans

    Have you run streets of willow before? Really want to try it but my friends who have gone have only done big willow so I don't know much about it.
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    Eurodyne Updates

    No they aren't overheating.
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    Another use for your fluid extractor...

    This is genius, cant wait to get one for myself.
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    Just how easy/pain is DP install/removal?

    Oh man, that does look good. I'm also running the stock catback and I'm considering some for myself. Where did you get them?
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    Just saying Hi

    Awesome car! Looks like you definitely got a great deal. Will this one be going BT like the CC and GTI before? Would love to see it!
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    Eurodyne Updates

    Jim's right, your plugs are fine. I am running the rs7 plugs and they're a great upgrade that you may want to do anyway.
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    Turbo parts Canada TPC20 turbo brand new

    Here is their website with dyno sheets for this turbo on stock fueling.
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    Definitely look into EQT like everyone else said. They're great but look into Eurodyne. Their stage 2 tune is $500 if you get it installed at a dealer. That should leave you some extra cash for a downpipe!