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    Anyone have experience with the BFI Control Arms MQB?

    I know their mounts are pretty well liked but I have not seen anything about the control arms. I particularlly are interested becuase it include the ball joint too for a reasonable price.
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    New diverter valve? 06H145710J anyone try it yet?

    Looks like there might be a new reversions to the diverter valve 06H145710J, old number is 06H145710D. Here is what the new one looks like. Looks like it doesn't have as much of that plastic cowling around the piston. Here is the...
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    Unhelpful car tips

    To reduce brake dust use your brakes less Instead of buying lightweight wheel bolts just lose few pounds yourself Save your valuable time troubleshooting car issues by taking it to the dealer and let them do it If you dont pull a CEL code does the problem even exist? Drastically help resell...
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    Insufficient Engine Cooling / Coolant Flow

    Had something come up today where I saw my temp gauge go past the normal stagnant 200 to 275 and almost to the red. It fluctuated fast based on if I was idling at a light and if the engine fan was noticeably louder. Based on the time and engine RPM it looks like the water pump maybe never...
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    Front PCV alternatives

    Although the front PCV works better than previous generations there still seems to be an issue with oil surges that it cant keep up with in more extreme driving situations. I was looking to replace mine as its happened to me a few times when heavy braking after being WOT. So I see some options...
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    Lined cubby with felt

    Although I love having it anytime I put hard objects in the drivers side cubby it rattles. So I decided to line it with felt. Here is how it turned out, not professional by any means but will do the trick. Also wrote up a quick guide for it here...
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    Coilpack version confusion

    I was trying to find what the latest version coilpacks were for the 2.0t EA888 Gen3. I was almost sure I had read they had and update at some point. The ones I have currently that came with the car are 06K905110K From what I can find on part websites Im assuming the latest ones are 06J905110K...
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    How long did you keep your BOV spacer on?

    I have seen a bunch of people get the BOV spacers and then later on take them off due to various reasons. Im interested to hear what was the reason you took it off an how long did you have it on for?