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    Can't Remove Broken Spark Plug...

    Just make sure they are all the same type. So if you get a differnt type of coilpack, get 4.
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    Best Street Tires for stock 2019 GTI SE?

    Pretty happy with my PSAS4. If you cant swing a summer tire they are fantastic.
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    Anyone Use the Signal App?

    This for sure, other than talking to a few security minded friends its useless because nobody else uses it.
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    Anyone Use the Signal App?

    It’s only to talk to a few security friends. It’s their preferred medium for communication. It’s basic and secure.
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    Anyone Use the Signal App?

    Have the App Store signal app on my iPhone, the contacts access is optional. It’s purpose is to find other signal users to communicate with. I have the feature off so it doesn’t go through my contacts.
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    A Question about Spark plug

    Those would of been the original Buru RS7 plugs Part# 079-905-626-M that had the issue with the tips. The current RS7 plugs are made by NGK and have a great track record. Not trying to sway your opinion, just making you aware.
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    Who is seriously gonna buy a MK8 R?

    Exactly what im worried about, not because I dont believe in the tech. But becuase I dont think the infrastructure wont be ready for people who cant have chargers at home in rental properties.
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    Who is seriously gonna buy a MK8 R?

    Likely wont get one. I typically keep my cars for 8-10 years. Went from a 2006 MK6 GLI to a 2016 MK7 GTI. Unless the car gets totalled or becomes more expensive to maintain than a new car payment then I will stick with it. MK9 is probably what I would be looking at. Though if I cant tune the MK9...
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    Suggestions on GTI Build Plan

    You would need a custom tune for EQT for a GTI on IS38. Remember thats the Golf R turbo which has the same block and very little difference internally as your GTI. Its an extremely common upgrade. Personally im...
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    Suggestions on GTI Build Plan

    I had APR on my last two cars and it was a solid tune. Current GTI is at 105k miles tuned since 28k on Cobb currently running EQT E30 but also have a 91 oct profile. I would say EQT is proven by now.
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    How many people run an aftermarket downpipe in CA?

    I don’t know if anyone who has done this but your logic is sound and I think you will pass.
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    Suggestions on GTI Build Plan

    Your plan looks extremely well thought out and I think your making a lot of great decisions. I’m running just the rear saw bar and don’t feel the need to do the front. Another vote for EQT here, they have been great. Also running the AMS intercooler and an intercooler makes a big difference...
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    How many people run an aftermarket downpipe in CA?

    Testing is just a plastic tube you fill with water to a line and the rest with E85.
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    How many people run an aftermarket downpipe in CA?

    Currently I’m not running an ethanol sensor. I’m doing the math each fill up and testing the pumps ethenol content each time. Thankfully the pumps around me are very consistent around E80 reguardless if it’s Pearson or Propell as the fuel provider. I’m very happy with Cobb and EQT, you won’t...
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    How many people run an aftermarket downpipe in CA?

    CA resident, I have stuck with the stock downpipe on my GTI. Honestly I have been fine with Stg1 and have both 91oct and E30 profiles. The E30 profile is more than enough for this FWD car. I probably would be looking at an R for the AWD if I wanted to have more HP than I do currently. Most of my...
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    How about this cover?

    Have you checked under the trunk floor? If the floor is set for the higher setting it can be stored under it.
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    When to replace the battery in the key ?

    CR2025 is the correct size but some jam in a CR2032 without issue. If your car is letting you know the battery is low its time to replace it, or if it doesnt open the door consistently.
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    Nobody ever sees all 4 wheels at the same time. How about a different color on the other side?

    Most tires are directional anyways so all you can do is front to back.
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    VW Infringes on TaTa Patent

    Haha none of those cars are off road worthy
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    Do i have a diverter valve or a blow off valve?

    Its very easy to check by just popping your hood, some pictures here if you scroll down. Its on the turbo in the back of the engine bay on the drivers side. You will want to check to see if its the DV...