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    Sport mode continues to impress

    I turned in my leased 6SPM GTI in April and decided it was time to get the DSG so I pulled the trigger on a 2019 GTI SE DSG. After putting a little over 5,000 miles on the car I am really impressed by the suspension, handling and power of the car. Then the other day I discovered something I am...
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    Why can't service centers just change the oil properly?

    So I went to a local dealer to get my oil changed (my car came with 2 services rolled into the deal) and of course they overfilled by 1/2 quart and overfilled coolant by 12 ounces. Even after I said to the service advisor please make sure nothing is overfilled as I will not accept it. To top it...
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    The mystery of the disappearing coolant... again!

    This is truly a tired old subject with the GTI but just curious what the gang would do. Bought the 2019 GTI SE in April and the coolant level observed when cold measured a hair below halfway between max and min. Almost 5 months later it is now just above the min line when measured cold...
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    Props to the GTI new car smell!

    OK this is a silly thread topic but stay with me here. My wife and I had car leases expire during the pandemic. She wanted a Jeep, and I wanted another GTI but I decided to buy this time because duh sick deals like 0% percent financing and 6 months no payments. But that's not the story. These...
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    Who here really has cooling figured out for the Mk7?

    I have followed a few builds and read about different approaches to cure the the achilles heel of the MK7... cooling. But the solutions are all over the place and since the car has so many cooling problems, maybe it's time to start a thread just about that. And if there is one already then...
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    Has anyone here installed the CSF aluminum radiator in the MK7 GTI and how is it?

    This thing looks like a great mod for a car that has so many known cooling problems. Anyone taken the plunge yet?
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    Wheel dilemma...

    So I want new wheels... the Dallas Rims just don't cut it. I have narrowed it down to The Neuspeed Rse12 in satin bronze or sacrifice performance and just get the black Pretoria 18. The Neuspeed is really a better wheel but a little more money. What to do...
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    Is there anyway to deactivate the auto stop/start?

    Is there anyway to code the auto stop/start feature on my 2019 GTI so the car always runs like a normal car unless activate the feature manually? The stop/start at lights is annoying and it happens while the car is warming up to normal operation temp which seems pretty dumb to me.
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    Late build date on my 2019

    So I have been looking over the car and so far have been very happy with the care the dealer took of it while in their possession. No bad swirl marks in the paint, and the car feels great. One interesting thing I noticed is the build date is way later than I ever imagined a car could be but hey...
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    ••SOLD•• New never used VW Pure white touch up kit

    **SOLD** VW Pure white touch up pen kit never used purchased about a month ago. Never got around to it. Includes a white color pen and a separate clear coat pen $16 shipped in the lower 48.
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    *SOLD* FS 18x7.5 Dallas Take-offs from 2019 GTI Los Angeles *SOLD*

    Switching to new wheels in the next week or so and selling the 2019 OEM Dallas wheels that are similar to Austins but a little more aggressive looking. These wheels have less than 500 miles and are blemish free. $600 for the set. Local and cash only.
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    Curious about the 35th anniversary Jetta GLI wheels

    So I am really thinking about better wheels for my GTI and I saw the 35th anniversary Jetta GLI and I kinda liked them. The question is what are they called, and does anyone know anything about them at all? Would love to see a pic of a GTI with them on too.
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    Dallas Takeoff's.

    I am thinking of getting new rims. What should I ask for perfect Dallas Takeoff's?
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    **SOLD** FS in Los Angeles 4 Bridgestone Potenza RE97AS tire takeoffs 225/40 R18

    New car and selling these takeoff's. 100 miles on the tires and perfect. $250 or best offer. Local Pickup only.
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    Out with my 17 in with the 19

    I really loved my Pure White 2017 GTI sport 6 sp manual but it was a lease and I wanted to own my GTI. So today I purchased an Iron Blue 2019 GTI SE DSG with Experience package and the VWcare maintenance for 28095 using the 0 0 0 financing and I could not be happier. The 6 year 72 mile warranty...
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    On the fence to keep it or turn in?

    So I have a 2017 GTI sport with 24k and it has really been one of my favorite cars in recent memory. Does everything I need and drives great. I have changed my own oil every time and put on one set of tires. The original battery went bad and was replaced under warranty. Recently I noticed a...
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    Is there a smart phone car key yet?

    Just curious if anyone has outfitted there car with an app that opens and starts the car yet? Keys seem so old now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    They aren't the best performers but handled a flat like a champ

    Riding down the 101 saturday night the tpms light lit up and a flat reared it's ugly head. I was 3 miles from home and didn't feel like getting killed or waiting an hour plus for assistance, so I continued to drive and the cars oem tires and rim (Nogaro & Bridgestone) just drove normal and when...
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    Sweet 86 GTI on Ebay I figured someone here would be interested. A pretty nice example.
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    OETTINGER® Limited-Edition Body Styling Kits for the Golf GTI and Golf R.

    Just got an e-mail about this. You guys probably already saw but if not here it is. Looks cool but expensive.