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    Rear Dust boots

    Was swapping out the rear brake pads for red stuff and found both caliper dust boots were torn and bunched up. Is it possible to replace the boots without refurbishing everything or is it worth doing it all? Any good resources? I couldn't find a good YouTube tutorial. Found the part below...
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    Cruise control error

    Recently tried to turn on the cruise control and I get the steering wheel with exclamation point. Ran the obd11 and the only new code is U014400, lost connection with four wheel drive. Have a 15' gti so not sure what this is, or if it's related. Other things that could be related: Took of...
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    Red Pinstripe for front lip, side skirt, etc

    Has anyone found a way to add a pin stripe to the front lip, side skirts, rear? I installed the FMIC with red couplers and thinking of doing red accents. Wife nixed my first option of graying/blacking out the car :-( Top picture is a version of the Clubsport with the lip, but i can't find one...
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    Habor Frieght Jack Stands Recall
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    Sailun Atrezzo Sva1 Tires - Quality? Performance?

    Whenever someone mentions what mods should be completed tires are usually one of top 5-10 items. So i wanted to see if anyone had any experience with Sailun Atrezzo Sva1 tires? They are currently on the OEM wheels, 18s I believe. I live in Washington DC, so limited snow. I currently have a...
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    Leather Seat Options in the Summer

    While I don't mind the leather seats in the winter time, especially with the heating, but its just getting into spring and I am already sweating. What has everyone tried/done to address SWASS issues? I've looked at the covers which seem a little cheap. Then there is the below option...