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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Similar boat... 24k miles. I’m not doing the install myself and would hate to pay a shop twice to do the job because a clunk developed after I didn’t use new mounts. The question is... what’s the likelihood of that happening?
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Do you plan to replace the OEM strut mounts and bearings? I know there’s a lot of TTY hardware that I’ll replace when I do mine but getting new mounts and bearings adds more than $200 to the overall project and I don’t even know if it’s necessary.
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    Just how easy/pain is DP install/removal?

    Flash back to stock, install an 02 spacer (J style with the M insert facing upstream seams to work), drive around 50-100 miles to set readiness and use a DP with a cat to pass vis inspection.
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    EQT and an AP.
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    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    Is there a consensus as to when the stock TIP is a restriction? is38 and up?
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    Why could my Stage 1+ Unitronic GTI be losing power?

    Unlike other tunes, Unitronic recommends stock heat plugs at the stock gap.
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    Tune + Oil Changes?

    I mean, my oil is usually black around 4,000 miles but yet I still let it go until 5-6k. Maybe not diesel black, but it’s certainly dark. I thought oil color was not indicative of wether or not it needed to be changed?
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    WTB: Mk7 GTI PP Front & Rear Calipers

    You're better off just going with the Macan calipers in the front with good pads and fluid and leaving the non-pp in the rear.
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    Questions about reaching 400HP. GTI MK7.5 Rabbit

    440ish HP is achievable on pump 93 with a HPFP and tune from EQT? I thought it was more like 380-400.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Nice. That's the ST-40 kit, right? Any install tips or is it pretty straight forward?
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    Stoptech ST-40

    How'd you end up with only one side?
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    Where's the sweet spot?

    Mounts. BFI engine, transmission, and dogbone insert.
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    Where's the sweet spot?

    If I wanted to run an is38 with an EQT tune on only 93 on a GTI, would I need to upgrade the HPFP or is the stock pump fine? I think I would be near 380 HP and that feels like a good stopping point for me. No E in my area so it doesn’t make sense to go hybrid turbo.
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    Wheel bolts for track? Have you upgraded?

    Is there anything specific I should look for in a set of studs for Neuspeed wheels?
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    Christmas Alone..... Anyone else?

    M-35 here... single- no kids and family all lives far away and we decided not to travel because well, 2020. It’ll be me, the GTI and the dog alone on Christmas. Not sure it has quite hit me yet, not sure how I feel about it. Maybe I’ll spend the day daydreaming on 😂
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    Upgrading brakes from Non-PP brakes... Sorry for another brake thread!

    Yeah the current rotors are the 312. I saw that ShopDap had a kit pretty much laid out with everything I need, but it’s like 40-50 day lead time, the calipers are cheaper on Eacca, and it includes slotted rotors I’d prefer to not use if I don’t have to. I priced out everything I’d need for this...
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    Upgrading brakes from Non-PP brakes... Sorry for another brake thread!

    Thanks for the info. I’d love the ST-40 kit, but doesn’t that use the 355mm rotor and the ST-41 use the 328mm? I missed the sale when these were going for like half off... Can the ST-40 or 41 even be found within my budget?
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    Upgrading brakes from Non-PP brakes... Sorry for another brake thread!

    I've read through dozens of brake threads and have accumulated a ton of information, but I still can't decide which route makes the most sense for me. Feedback from others experienced in this regard would be appreciated! About my car: Stage 2 FBO non-PP car. No tracking, but I do tend to brake...
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    How are the EQT OTS / base Accessport tunes?

    Looks like Dave @ IE is now Dave @ EQT o_O. Hopefully now Ed has time to focus on R&D rather than reaffirming spark plug choices and insignificant knock levels :)