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    Why could my Stage 1+ Unitronic GTI be losing power?

    yeah if this happens with relative frequency, just in light of wheee you live and how you typically leave home to get places, I would suggest taking the scenic route. Maybe hop on the next highway exit, just giving the engine more time to heat up before pulling onto highway. When I make 5-minute...
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    Show us your MK7

    Bone stock baby. These pics aren’t very telling since I’m curb-parked🙃
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    Best Street Tires for stock 2019 GTI SE?

    yeah, for a bone-stock GTI the DWS are gonna give you all you need, while maintaining great tread wear and comfort for a DD. Especially for Florida.
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    clutch feels funny.... opinions before I tune

    Your description of the pedal “sticking” at the very top of pedal travel (the bite point) is consistent with the clutch fluid restrictor having never been removed. Look up clutch delay valve delete. Can DIY for free sans replacement brake fluid, or replace the block itself with one of the...
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread" will answer your questions.
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    Why could my Stage 1+ Unitronic GTI be losing power?

    Bro... you rev to 5500 RPM before you’re up to temp? I don’t exceed 2.5K until I’m at like 150/160, and even then don’t floor it till 200+. before you’re up to temp the engine is running extremely rich. That’s why it’s not giving you the power you want. And in general, please don’t even try to...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    i appreciate the offer, but I already have 18” RSE-10’s for summers. Looking for 17’s for my winter set.
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    Stage 2 Modification Recommendations

    yeah I’ve never even heard of it lol.
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    WTB Moog endlinks

    WTB Moog endlinks. Preferably BNIB, but if not it shouldn’t be a problem.
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    Mods you're wasting money on...

    Yeah this dude loves to troll. I’ve seen enough of his posts in the scamdemic thread to know his type
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    Stage 2 Modification Recommendations

    junk is junk, and 034 makes junk lol
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    Stage 2 Modification Recommendations

    you sound like someone who doesn't have respect for the "opinions" of experts lol. He's not just a product vendor, he's one of the best product vendors for this platform. And he's a one-man shop, compared to big name's like AWE that produce work like his (honestly his shit is better). In the...
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    Show us your MK7

    You will not regret it. I just got RSE-10's in bronze for my green alltrack and i cant get over the look. i just stare out my front window at the car lol
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    Stage 2 Modification Recommendations

    it is ebay quality junk, nearly everyone who gets their stuff comes to this conclusion eventually. I used to think they were great, until I had repeated bad experiences with their products.
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    "Normal" GTI Issues

    when in philly, do as the philadelphians do
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    "Normal" GTI Issues

    lol not too far off in my position. I bought my last GTI my junior year of college, and had a lot of issues with it so was saving for 3 years to get back out of it. 2 years after graduation, because of COVID I was able to get 0% financing 6 years + 6 months no payments, which combined with no...
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    "Normal" GTI Issues

    nice, good to know. thanks. 5 vws in 10 years and didn't know this.
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    Comfortable coilovers?

    H&R street performance, KW Street Comfort, and the new EQT balanced line coils are all great comfort oriented street coilovers in your price range: might need to stretch it a bit beyond $1300 but not too much. Look into peoples’ impressions/reviews of the EQT coils, there’s an official thread...
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    FS: 2018 GTI Autobahn; DSG, 21.5k miles, Showroom New Condition, APR Plus Tuned, Many Other Extras, $27,750-- Price Dropped to $25k

    Beautiful car. I have literally the exact same mods on my Alltrack lol (front clear bra, 90% UV/heat rejection ceramic tint, ceramic coating, and APR Plus). That’s a great value for 25K.
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    Anyone using the Powerflex hybrid dogbone puck?

    general consensus is if you’re going hybrid it’s not needed. You can reuse stock pendulum arm. There is a guy on here who nodded his hybrid to allow for roc-euro bar