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    Dealership Performed Work Without Divulging What They Did

    You may want to consider the legal ramifications of recording the audio and video of conversations of people that have not provided consent prior to attempting to use it. Was this dealership in Maryland?
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    No sound via streaming bluetooth or Apple CarPlay

    KNOWS it‘s phone related, doesn’t try restarting phone first. 🙄
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    Buying golf R mk7

    I’d be looking out for the Golf R sub forum.
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Either way is fine, just let the lab know which way you did it.
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    Late shifting in hot weather

    Just push the clutch pedal in and shift at a lower RPM. Problem solved. ;)
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    Let's Talk about Window Tint

    Before and after. 20% all around I believe.
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    Mk7 gti knock them cloud of smoke after pull

    Just from reading your post, it sounds like you might have cracked your punctuation valve. Look under the car while revving the engine.... can you see any periods? There could also be some commas and various other grammar bits in your airbox. Good luck with it...
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    Best wheel spacers?

    Sorry for the off topic question, but did you wheel and deal Camaro parts in Oak Harbor, Washington around 1989-1990?
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    Side Skirt/ Rocker Panel Damage

    It looks like you have bigger problems with your suspension. :unsure:
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    Costco vs shell gas

    You don’t say...:unsure:
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    Hitch Bike Rack for 2018 GTI

    I second the One Up recommendation. Mine’s a 1 bike carrier, but they offer a 3 bike if you need it (or add on if you already have one).
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    Which hitch or roof bike rack for my 2017 GTI?

    I’ve never cared for the racks that strap to the car. Hitch racks are pricey, but there are no drawbacks. This one is from One Up USA.
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    Late build date on my 2019

    Alas, my 2019 Pure White SE GTI also has a build date of 09/19.