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    APR vs EQT

    Hi All! Looking for some guidance. I've traditionally been an APR fan, having their tunes on several of my past cars (1 MK7, 1 MK7.5 Golf R). However, I just picked up a MK7 GTI as a commuter and somewhat project car. Not necessarily looking to go bigger on the turbo, but have absolutely...
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    Golf R Springs on GTI

    Just picked up a GTI and am thinking I would like to take care of some of the wheel gap. I know that the Golf R sits a little lower than the GTI. Would it be worth just picking up a set of used Golf R (OEM) springs and having them installed? I could also pick up a set of aftermarkets like...
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    Wheel Bearing Potential Issue - Please Help

    Hello, I recently picked up a 2016 MK7 GTI that needed tires, so I installed a new set of Michelin AS3's. Prior to, there was a humming (sounds very much like road noise) that I thought was attributed to the worn tires. However, it still persists with the new tires on. The sound does get louder...