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  1. J

    Intercooler performance

    Any section in this thread with Majesty IAT results?
  2. J

    used car market ... wtf

    The reality is there is a void for atleast a year before the MK8’s come in. The general opinion about the styling is not positive as well. I bet the MK8.5’s will be the ticket.
  3. J

    CPO vs used

    Also be careful about people saying a car has warranty. When I was looking at R’s I noticed it came over in auction from Canada. I’m fairly certain the USA VW dealers won’t hold up to the warranty if the original origin is from Canada. Ultimately I went private sale.
  4. J

    17" Winter Wheel Offsets

    Neuspeed has a sale right now for Black Friday so I went that route. 30-40 more per rim than tirerack options but I know I won’t have an issue.
  5. J

    17" Winter Wheel Offsets

    Im going Neuspeed.
  6. J

    17" Winter Wheel Offsets

    They are not hubcentric. Tirerack has no way of calculating this until you ad it to your cart, it will auto-populate rings or not.
  7. J

    17" Winter Wheel Offsets

    Does anyone know if the Rial Luccas are 57.1 hub centric? I do not want to run plastic ring adapters. Thanks.
  8. J

    MAGIC/MAJESTY (eBay) 16.4 liter Intercooler

    Tube and fin is not ideal for big hp.Bar and plate is much better at controlling IAT’s.
  9. J

    used car market ... wtf

    Picking up a 2018 Golf R with 18,5XX manual black for 35.5 private sale.
  10. J

    2022 Golf R - 315HP 310lb/ft TQ

    So they posted this video of the MK8 Rear Diff. Is this drastically different than the current one? Doesn’t appear so to me?
  11. J

    used car market ... wtf

    Not many wagon awd manual options. So unfortunately no.
  12. J

    used car market ... wtf

    I just find it odd a 2018 Golf R manual is going for 35-37K. They were the same price new.
  13. J

    used car market ... wtf

    Used Golf R market is crazy right now. I’m holding off until the MK 8S start shipping. They’re literally 2-3K off invoice price, 2 years old. Total price gouging.
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    2022 Golf R - 315HP 310lb/ft TQ

    Is there any proof that the new golf r adopted a system similar to the focus RS? Can’t we just put a wavetrac in the f+r and it will essentially be an Evo wagon?
  15. J

    2022 Golf R - 315HP 310lb/ft TQ

    Is there any discernible difference of this awd and the current awd aside from a drift mode? If so I don’t care. Happy they kept the manual alive!
  16. J

    AMS Intercooler

    The answer here is clearly the Magic/Majesty Intercooler
  17. J

    Search for RWD Track/Weekend Car (70k Budget)

    I would get an exige if it was a primarily track focused toy
  18. J

    Thermostat housing and water pump fail.

    Reach out to USP? If enough interest maybe they’ll make one?
  19. J

    VW Golf R 2015 DSG Lapiz blue

    Nice looking ride. GL with sale.