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    add power folding mirrors to 2019 Golf R

    Lots of good info here, thanks to all who posted. Can someone confirm if the power folding mirrors impact the mirror dip? My 2019 R has the mirror dip but no return issue. I thought I read somewhere the power folding mirrors also allow the both the dip and return? If not, I have the info...
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    2018 Golf R Not a mk7.5?

    Was 7.5 an official designation from VW? I thought it was a non-official way to differentiate the mid cycle refresh. If so, it would explain the dealer calling an ‘18 a MK 7..?
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    What the purpose of buffer block

    It’s adjustable by loosening the screw in the middle. I replaced mine to get rid of an obnoxious squeak. The adjustment properly adjusts the hatch alignment when closed.
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    First Time Buyer Research (GTI/R)

    Op, GTI/R, DSG/manual trans and oil have derailed many a thread. Sorry if my opinion derailed yours. Fine the right vehicle to buy and you should be happy with either car.
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    First Time Buyer Research (GTI/R)

    You seem to be nitpicking what I said. If a person owned both a GTI and R as I have then I’d take their input over a person who only owned a GTI. And a GTI will never accelerate out of a tight turn or from a start like an R. The R’s AWD gets knocked a lot, but it really hooks up compared to FWD.
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    First Time Buyer Research (GTI/R)

    I would suggest discounting the GTI owner input in the R. I’ve owned both. The diff in nimbleness is is not drastic. The R feels and is a higher performance vehicle.
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    Liked my GTI over an R. Am I crazy?

    I loved my Autobahn GTI. I’d have to say my 19R is everything the GTI was, just more of it. I think AWD earns it cost every time I launch hard from a stop, it’s awesome having that traction. The digital dash makes the car feel more modern too.
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    USA vs EU internals

    A non-engine difference I’ve noticed between my ‘15 Autobahn and ‘19 R is the A pillar wind noise is much lower in the R.
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    Big Turbo GTI v. R Upgrade

    I didn’t realize how accustomed I had become to trying hard to lay down power with my GTI until I purchased my R. Been 9 months and I still get a huge kick out of using auto-hold then effortlessly launching hard in the R. AWD was so worth it to me in several ways...
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    Big Turbo GTI v. R Upgrade

    I made the switch, R for sure.
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    Upgraded to an R

    Congrats - May be the best deal on an R ever!! The R is everything we love about GTIs and more of it.
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    To R, or not to R.... that is the question....

    Carvana or similar should get you more $ then a trade in and it is easier. I flew from San Jose to San Diego to get my 19R for $2,800 off local prices. The drive back home was a blast.
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    Golf R versus Tesla model 3.

    Saw this Porsche vs. Model S article that relates to some of my earlier comments. I believe the Model 3 is better at managing the battery, but I found this paragraph on the S interesting: "And for all the discussion of...
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    VCDS change to CarPlay start up

    Oh, lets see - Sometimes I use the map, or I can verbally text my daughter if I'm late to pick her up, I can play my music, just like everybody else, I guess... I just don't don't want to see the screen every time I plug in.
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    VCDS change to CarPlay start up

    Hi all, Is there a VCDS change to keep the CarPlay screen from displaying on my 19 R when I plug in my phone? I searched in VCDS and didn’t see anything. In my other vehicle, I plug in my phone and CarPlay is enabled, but the current screen remains on display. I’m not always using CarPlay so...
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    Engine Issues - Advice

    Coworker with a GTI had the engine let go at 70k miles. Local shop installed used motor with 17k miles for about $5k. Two years later it runs perfect and no issues since install. Like others said, ditch the dealer and call some local shops...?
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    e-Performance Golf R
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    DSG service NY

    I paid a shop $400 the first time. Did it myself for $80 the second time. It was slightly more difficult than an oil change.
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    Golf R versus Tesla model 3.

    This is why they have cooling systems for the batteries, and yeah 40% is nonsense. Tesla routinely take demo cars to shows and do launches all day long on a single charge. Biggest load of.... Maybe, but that is what a former Tesla engineer told me a couple years ago. I have not doubt it has...
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    Golf R versus Tesla model 3.

    I crossed shopped the Model 3, but it seemed like an expensive commuter car to me. You can go LA-SF and other major routes with plenty of places to charge. But most places my daughter and I road trip to in the South West are not reachable in an EV because of limited or no charging stations...