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    OZ HYPER GT HLT wheels for sale in Northeast Florida / Jacksonville / Saint Augustine area.

    Click here for link to sale thread.
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    **SOLD**Lower Price AGAIN* FS: OZ Hyper GT HLT Wheels, 18x8 et45, 5x112

    **SOLD** Price dropped to $800. Sale includes: 4 Wheels, 2 10mm ECS spacers, wheel bolts and locks in the sizes needed up front, (no spacer), and in the rear, (10 mm spacers). I have 4 used OZ Hyper GT HLT wheels (Star Graphite) for sale. The wheels are 18x8 et45. 5 x 112. Weight is listed as...
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    ESC OFF version 1 vs version 2

    My 2018 Mk7.5 GTI DSG can be set to reprogram the ESC/ARS button to turn off ESC by holding the button for a few seconds. There are 2 choices foe ESC OFF, version 1 and version 2. Anybody know what the differences are? Thinking about setting the sequence to ON / ESC Sport / ESC OFF version (?).
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    BFI upper trans mount insert for 2018 GTI DSG?

    I have been searching the forums for some useful information about the BFI upper trans mount insert for my Mk7 GTI DSG. BFI lists a upper trans mount insert, MK7T-1. One of the assembly instructions shows drilling out rivets to use these inserts. Fine, no problem. They say: This insert only...
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    Black mirror caps + other mods.

    The Mirror caps came from China today so while I was at it, I added the APR badge and removed the fender badges for a cleaner look.
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    Throttle Response Behavior

    When looking at customizations with Carista I see "Throttle Response Behavior". There are 2 choices, Gradual, Controlled By Time" and "Direct, Controlled By Threshold". I think Gradual is the OE setting on a 2018 GTI Autobahn DSG. Is this correct? I have APR Stage 1+ and DSG tunes. Can...
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    ECS Tuning dogbone mount problems

    Has anybody tried the ECS Tuning Performance Dogbone Mount and had an issue with the seals not fitting? The Transmission block portion has a bearing in it and seals for each side to keep the bearing clean. The seals for both sides are the same but the hole in the block on one side is larger...
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    Removing the rocker panel trim??

    Does anybody know how to remove the black lower trim below the doors? If removed, can it be put back on or does removing it damage it?
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    5mm wheel spacers

    How can 5mm wheel spacers be sold as hub-centric when the Mk7 hub is only 57.1mm out near the end of the hub? The first 6-7mm is smaller diameter but the hole in the spacer has to fit over the 57.1mm section at the end of the hub.
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    Wheel spacer sizes for mk7.5 GTI?

    This is my first GTI and I'm trying to select spacers to get a more flush look without getting into clearance issues. I have been reading everything I can find but would appreciate some of you much more knowledgeable types providing input. 2018 GTI Autobahn. OZ 18x8 ET 45 wheels 225/40-18 PSS...
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    2018 GTI Autobahn headlight adjustment?

    My 2018 GTI Autobahn has OE LED headlights. I have read all the headlight adjusting threads I can find but i have found none that deal with the OE LED headlights. I see only one possible adjuster screw (hex socket, white plastic). It is vertical but is geared 90* to turn a shaft running...