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    MK7 Key fob

    I took my 2013 Golf in today for its annual service. Despite having very recently having had a new battery I was told my spare fob needed a new one which they kindly fitted for free. When I got home I tried by main fob but it had mysteriously stopped working. I switched batteries with the new...
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    Complete electrical failure

    Hi yesterday my car broke down on the M25. I had to come to a halt because of stationary traffic. As I did everything went out - dashboard - lights etc - my car was a dead as a Dodo. I managed to get it into the hard shoulder ( no thanks to some other motorists who were using it to undertake...
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    Body work repairs

    From the photo below you'll see a s an indentation on the bottom of the rear panel and above scrape mark which goes across the rear panel onto the door. Has anybody gone through VW repair shops and got a decent price or should I risk an independent. Many thanks
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    1.4 TSI Sump gone rusty

    A nasty looking rust patch has appeared and my dealer has quoted £534 for the replacement. My car is approaching 7 years old so was wondering if anyone else has experienced rust on their Sump. Thanks
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    Has anyone reached 100k miles on 1.4TSI (122)

    Ok that's a high figure so let's say over 80k with no problems from the engine or gearbox. My car will be 6 years old in February and so far no problems with either of the above. Cambelt changed at 50k earlier this year. Thanks
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    1.4 TSI turbo

    Just been reading on Honest John about a 4 year old Golf 1.4 TSI (34 thousand miles) that needs its turbo replacing at a a cost of £1500 - perhaps caused by switching off the engine while the turbo was too hot. Anyone else suffered this problem? Also I guess we have to 'play it by ear' when...
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    1.4 TSI 122 cambelt row

    I had a heated discussion regarding my cambelt change with my dealer. They said it didn't need replacing after 5 years although VW UK said it did. My dealer then said that there was NO recommended service interval on the VW maintenance computer. I then checked with two other franchises and...
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    UK Mk7 1.4 TSI Cambelt change interval

    Hi I have googled but cannot find a definitive answer. My car is currently just over 3 years old and has 37,000 miles on the clock. It's the 122bhp version - Thank you
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    Front door opening problem

    I the 1.4tsi 5 door - the warranty expired in March. Low and behold a problem seems to have arisen. My doors lock automatically after a short period when I'm driving away - no problem there. But sometimes when I stop to get out the internal door latch doesn't seem to work first time...
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    Golf Match 125ps UK Spec Suspension

    I've just exchanged emails with the Honest John website who tell me that VW have sneakily downgraded the suspension from fully independent to twisted beam on the 125ps Match. Can anyone confirm this? I have a 2013 Golf 122 TSI which has fully independent rear. Many thanks
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    Uneven tyre wear

    My front tyres on my Golf s 1.4tsi have worn much quicker than my rear ones 3mm against 5.5mm - I have been told that Golfs are known for this - has anyone else had this? I did buy the car at one year old from a VW dealer. Also is it worth moving the rears to the front and buying new rears...