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    Brake Pad Wear Sensor Sheared Off!

    Has this happened to anyone? I got a light for my brake pad wear last week and noticed this when I was changing to winters yesterday. What is the repair for this? It looks like half of the connector is still attached to the car’s harness. Should I take to dealer or an independent VW specialist...
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    DIY Guide and Review: AKD AliExpress MK7.5 LED Tail Lights for NAR MK7 Golf

    Hey guys, after doing some research, I have manage to successfully install the AKD AliExpress tail lights. This writeup is specifically for the MK7 (halogen) cars that are installing the MK7.5 LED tails (link below). These tail lights are actually really good quality and value for the money in...
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    New Golf R Owner - Intro and a Few Questions

    Hi All, Hope you are staying safe. Just purchased a used 2016 Golf R w/DCC and Nav. It has 19,800KMs on it, and apparently has only been driven 4,000KM in the past two years. I am coming from a 2004 G35 coupe, and am a very overwhelmed by everything the Golf has to offer. Cars have clearly...